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How to choose good tea


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Hello, everyone :

These days I would like to visit my Chinese friend, so I want to buy some gift to her. She loves Chinese tea very much. Hence, I decide to buy tea as a gift.

However, I always drink coffee, so I know little about Chinese tea.

Could somebody give some advises to me.

The price of tea under 100 US dollars is better.

Thank you!

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I'm not sure where you live, so this may or may not be helpful. But here is a website a friend living in the US used to buy Chinese tea recently. I had been telling him about how good these Yunnan Pu'er teas are, and he wanted to try some.

I advised him on the selection and then he placed the order directly. As you can see, 100 US dollars will buy a lot of tea. They also have other Chinese teas besides Pu'er. Look on the left where it says "China's top 10 teas."


I have no affiliation with that store. I'm sure there are other places equally good.

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there is a delicious drink called Tapioca milk tea, you might try one.

It was invented by "春水堂". Maybe your Chinese friend would take you to try.

If you want to find some good tea, you can go to some tea's chain store, they can give you good advice.

Perhaps you can take some snacks to visit your Chinese friend with Chinese tea, such as pineapple cake.






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