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Translate my Mandarin Name to Hokkien


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Something I've always been curious about. My given name includes ‘岑’; now, of the 7 pronunciations given by, which would be the literary reading? I assume numbers 4-7 are (judging from the reconstructed Middle Chinese as well as the Mandarin and Cantonese cognate reading) - but then which final? if all are literary readings, then which would be chosen? On what basis?

On a side note, does anyone also have any idea why the final of this character has fractured so heavily [i.e. amongst its compound words, as seen here:, which include chām-gám (站岑), chioh'-gám/-gím (石岑), gám-á (岑仔) but also tah'-gîm (踏岑) and ū-chām-gâm (有暫岑)]? Or is this fairly normal?

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I don't really speak Hokkien so I'm not going to try to do the transliterations, but I think it should be possible for people to look (most) names up themselves if you know the basic principle is 白讀 for 姓 and 文讀 for 名

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On 4/24/2019 at 6:52 AM, fall3n_superwoman said:

Hi, can anyone help me to translate, 忻育 to Hokkien Dialect name?
Thank you very much.


In peh-oe-ji, it would be Him-io̍k (I assume it is a given name).

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