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Chinese Humour and the Death of Crosstalk


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I regret that my commentary wouldn't fit in here, and I shouldn't spend the time to write it anyway. But the good news is that a government even just pretending to have him function on the inside is in a state that's not as bad as it could be! I'll leave it at that. :-)

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If anyone is interested i have a copy of this.


Cornelius C. Kubler

A new text designed to promote listening comprehension at the intermediate and advanced levels through the medium of Xiangsheng, a humorous, oral art form popular in Chinese for many years. Complete text of a Xiangsheng in pinyin and simplified and traditional characters, with vocabulary notes, a full English translation , listening comprehension exercises and an introduction to Xiangsheng in English.
Book with three cassette tapes in album: $39.95
ISBN: 0-88710-184-4



I found it amongst my late friends books I am cataloging. If anyone is interested, for the cost of the postage i would be happy to let someone make use of it.


It has dialogues at normal speed and then its slowed down from what I understand. There are 2 textbooks and 3 cassettes.

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Just to bump this topic, I still have the copy of comic dialogues. I would like someone to make use of it. If being on cassette is putting anybody off, I can burn it on to CD, then someone would have the cds and the cassettes.


All I want is the postage, CD's free.

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