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2012 CCTV Chinese New Year Show - save the date!


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I liked the peacock dance and the acrobat number with the ladders.

Agree. I liked those too. If I'm not mistaken it was Yang Liping's Yunnan troupe doing the peacock dance. I've seen them a couple times here in Kunming.


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I was kind of amazed when I heard the womam in the dance is over 50

That's right about her age pushing sixty. She seldom performs in Kunming any more, even though she still directs the dance troupe. This big gala was supposedly her "swan song" (final performance.)


I watched pieces of the show yesterday morning and again today on secondary regional TV channels that were re-broadcasting it, and I suppose some of the interplay between the hosts would have been funny if I had a better grasp of the language. So it may be my own fault that I didn't find it terribly humorous.

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Where I was watching it, the electricity cut out just as Liu Qian was starting his magic act (watched it later on the Internet -- honestly, if you're going to go to invite a well-known magician to perform, at least use a competent cameraman!) and didn't get it back until at least ten minutes and a busted-open circuit breaker box later, near the end of the Feng Gong skit (as shouty as ever). Han Geng vs. the ink monster was pretty cool. I enjoyed the bits where they spoke with various VIPs at their tables.

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