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Turkish Coffee on Taobao


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Liaolang, I notice from your location that you are in Shanghai. There is a small shop on Xiang Yang Lu (襄阳路) that sells Turkish products - I've seen both ibriks and ground coffee for sale there although I haven't tried either.

They are between Jianguo Lu (建国路) and Yongjia Lu (永嘉路), on the left hand side as you are travelling north up Xiangyang Lu (and you'd better be travelling north as it's one way!) I think it's around 378 Xiangyang Lu but I don't remember for sure. You do have to look fairly carefully because it doesn't jump out at you.

[Edit: It's 396 Xiangyang Lu]

You could also try Cafe Volcan on Yongkang Lu (永康路)- they roast their own coffee so it should be fresh and they definitely sell roasted beans so you might be able to ask them to grind it really fine for you. Yongkang Lu is about 300 meters up Xiang Yang Lu and you make a right turn at the traffic light. Cafe Volcan will be may 50 meters down Yong Kong Road, on your left. (This road has become major expat hangout, so if you think you've made a wrong turning and ended up in Europe, don't worry you are in the right place.)

Roddy: A mortar and pestle? Don't get me started.....Too late, you have :-)

When grinding coffee, the ideal is to get as even a grind as possible, rather than a mixture of powder and big chunks. This ensures a more even extraction - otherwise the powder will be overextracted resulting bitter coffee. A good quality grinder results in a much more even grind Probably doesn't matter much if you aren't using fresh coffee though.

P.S. Characters not guaranteed 100% accurate.

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