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China History Podcast by Laszlo Montgomery


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@Character -- #40 --


Also, the version of episode "CHP-136-Wong Chin Foo" I downloaded a few days ago seems to have been uploaded without editing. Also, the version of episode "CHP-136-Wong Chin Foo" I downloaded a few days ago seems to have been uploaded without editing.


That was an interesting podcast. I had never heard of Wong Chin Foo. Don't know whether or not I heard the unedited version (listened to it today.) They seem to have removed the "download" link for it; and it can only be heard live.

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Speaking of podcasts..."For all the TV in China" is a one off documentary from radio 4. You can find it in the R4 documentary of the week podcasts through itunes/podcasts. It's an area i'd not heard or read much about before snd I found the documentary very interesting. Like most BBc stuff, its well put together.

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Don't know whether or not I heard the unedited version (listened to it today.)

I saw a post of his on FB that the unedited one had been removed. I'm pretty sure if you had heard the unedited one, you would know.
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Yeah, I totally goofed!  I record and edit the China History Podcast using Garageband.  I'm not what you'd call the most technical guy in the world so all the tech stuff is handled by someone in Edinburgh.  In the middle of editing the Wong Chin Foo episode I accidentally dropped something on my computer keyboard and it messed up the settings.  I couldn't figure out how to get it back to the way it was so I opted to download Audacity and use that the finish the editing the file.  After that was done I stupidly went and uploaded the unedited Garageband mp3 file instead of the finished version.  More than 3,000 downloads later someone tipped me off that I had better give that episode a re-listen.  What a disaster!  Well....that's what the China History Podcast looks like in its raw form.  Not too pretty.  The correct mp3 is available now.  My guy in Scotland is doing a lot of work on the site right now so a lot of features don't work right now. All should be finished and back to normal by July 3 or 4.  

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Welcome, Laszlo! You have lots of fans here, myself among them.


I've learned a lot and had plenty of enjoyment from your China History Podcasts. I like the way you explore some lesser-known characters and aspects of this broad subject.


Keep up the good work!

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Hey guys,

I just found you all, and notice my podcast had been mentioned... at some length it would appear. :)  Color me tickled!

To those of you who found the first episode but no other... I assure you there are more!  thehistoryofchina.wordpress.com ... honestly I'm not sure where that defunct .co.uk version came from... I really don't remember making that. /shrug  There are now 34 episodes, though they're only numbered to 32 because of a couple 2-part-ish-esque things.

I do script the episodes out, it helps order my thoughts, though I've with time grown more comfortable with taking liberties with that, and become somewhat more free-flowing... I glad someone noticed that I tended to get less verbally still as time went on... going back listening to the first several months... yeah, the recording nerves are readily apparent, and the edges are quite rough.  I like to think quite a bit - including editing - has smoothed out... and I *very* eagerly awaiting my new, upgraded mic to arrive so I don't have to fiddle so much with sound quality.

I'm aware of the GFW problem... how could I not be?  I've gotta penetrate that sucker each and every time I upload stuff... But I'd humbly agree with those who suggest that if you're living in China and don't want to be restrained to the Sinified, Harmonized Web... a VPN is an absolute *must*, and an inexpensive one at that.

Anyway, I glad to have found you guys!  Looks like a great community, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys more!


(p.s. the 'cast's email address - since someone looked but did not find it [i'll have to look in to making it more obvious] - is [email protected], if you want to get in touch directly!  Cheers!

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I found another good China related podcast in English. New Books in East Asian Studies speaks with the authors about their latest books. It is very interesting to hear first hand accounts of the research and writing process from the experts. I just started one with Stephen R. Platt and his latest book about the Taiping Revolution.



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