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After Flying Pigeon's post in this thread, I started watching a few episodes of《谁在说》which can probably best be summed up as 'the Ricki Lake show with Chinese characteristics'.

A small sample of episodes includes:

Grown siblings squabbling over future inheritence

Families that divorce but then continue living in the same house and the trouble it causes

A young couple abducting their own child from each other to deprive the other parent of custody

Parents trying to break up young couples in love

Overall it can actually be quite fun (and sometimes moving) to watch, and great for picking up all sorts of useful everyday phrases and vocab.

Definitely worth a look if you're looking for a TV show that you can just jump in and out of at anytime (i.e. no need to sit down and watch 40 episodes).

It's mostly all subtitled, but some of the speech can be quite heated and fast, so it's probably not a good choice as a first attempt at watching native material.

Anyway, it gets a thumbs up from me, and thanks Flying Pigeon for putting me on to it.

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It looks to be very useful for real, colloquial speech. This is how real people speak, and this is what they talk about.

But I'm not a fan of talk shows like this. Perhaps some episodes are more interesting than the one I caught.

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This is a great show. I've watched 2 episodes of the "Parents trying to break up young couples in love". Currently watching the final one. These issues are very relevant to current Chinese society. I find this show a bit easier than 锵锵三人行. It's probably in the same level as 非诚勿扰 but with more depth. Thanks imron for the thread.

Letv has all the episodes:


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