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The Oolong tea at the beginning of system craft


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The Oolong tea at the beginning of system craft is: The fresh leaf -> expose blue -> cool blue -> swing blue -> fry blue -> rub and twist -> initially dry -> the package to rub duplicate -> dry -> the duplicate package to rub -> the drying ->ten working procedures of mao cha, divides into three stages: Namely does blue (exposes to the sun, cool, swings), fries blue and dries. And nimbly grasps "looked blue does blue" and "looked the day does blue".

Yunxiang Organic Oolong Tea Base

Since 1996, Xiamen Yunxiang Industry Co. has made large investments in building a highway leading to the top of Mount Ziyun, the highest peak in Anxi, Fujian and cultivated an organic tea farm. Mount Ziyun is 1,300 meters above the sea level and covers an area of over 5000 mu. According to the verification of geologists, Mount Ziyun was a volcano 100 million years ago. Therefore, it has unique topographic features. Viewed from far away, the main peak looks like Maitreya sitting on the mountains. Clouds are floating about Mount Ziyun all the year round. The annual average temperature is 15 to 18 degrees and the annual rainfall is between 1,800 and 2,000 mm. The surface water is tested to contain various mineral substances good to human health. As there is no polluting source around it, Mount Ziyun is endowed with unique natural ecological environment favorable for organic food development. Believing that teat shall dominate the beverage in the 21st century and keeping in mind the idea of self-cultivation, health building and disease prevention, Yunxiang Co. strictly follows the requirements for organic food, applies various measures to grow organic tea that is completely safe for human health, keeps ecological balance and stability in the tea farm and strictly bans chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the farm.

To kill pests - Adopt the organic pesticide developed by the Science Academy of China and Northwest Agricultural University To fertilize - Apply farmyard manure and super biological organic fertilizer app roved by EEC.

Without accelerating culture by chemical fertilizers, the organic tea has a longer growing period than other teas aided by chemical fertilizers. Its picking maturity is delayed 20 days as compared with that of other teas. Therefore, there are only three picking seasons for the organic tea and its output is only two third of that of other teas. Yunxiang Co. adopts the primitive tea making techniques for its organic Oolong tea making and with equipment of modern technology, free from any metals. Therefore, the organic tea manufactured in this way tastes mellow and refreshing. As no spice is added, the organic tea gives you a pleasant, delicate, and lasting taste with sweet smell. Through its hard work in the past few years, Yunxiang Co. has cultivated health teas completely safe for consumers of different groups in different health conditions (including patients sensitive to chemical residues and pregnant women)

Xiamen Yunxiang Enterprises Co.,Ltd. incorporated in 1988, is a private enterprise specializing in tea and related products. It has under it an organic Oolong tea production base, tea plantations on high mountains, tea factories, tea stores, and tea houses. It has over one hundred chained stores or counter in different parts of the country.

The company is growing along the path of specialization in tea plantation, production and marketing through recruitment of talents, improvement of production techniques, development and innovation, and overall implementation of quality control and "brand" strategy. It has elementarily developed into a group enterprise with intensified operation.

Yunxiang tea series are always made with natural and pure quality Oolong tea from mountains in Anxi. Due to the delicate processes, Yunxiang Oolong tea has developed into its unique kind in the kingdom of Oolong tea. In 1996, the company built a mountain highway up to the altitude of over 1300 meters above the sea level and developed an organic tea farm there. In 1999 organic food experts from ECOCERT came to inspect, examine and certify this organic Oolong tea production base and the company became the first enterprise in China to export organic Oolong tea.

The company has always stuck to the operation tenet of "quality first, consumers first and reputation first", upheld the entrepreneurship of "uniting, challenging, being practical, innovating and striving for the best", and try to develop into an excellent example in Chinese tea industry.

Xiamen Yunxiang Enterprises Co.,Ltd., No.24,South Dongpu Two Road, Xiamen, China

The Organic Oolong Tea Base:

Mount, Ziyun, Anxi, Fujian, China

Tel: 0086-0592-8265626 8267726

Fax: 0086-0592-8265627

Contact man:Mr.Wang



Please visit our website http://www.yunxiangtea.com or www.teakingdom.com.cn







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