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My Visa Application Experience

Date of application:

July 22nd, 2013



Consolate or Agency:

Agency (CTS)

Visa applied for:

L visa

Documents required:

1x Passport

1x Picture

Cost / Service:

1600 HKD Next Day Rush Service

Reason for application:

Willing to stay in China more time with my girlfriend.

Previous Visa History:

1x X visa

1x Resident Permit for study purpose (1 year)

5x F visas (1xParis, 2xBeijing, 2xShenzhen)


The agency wasn't able to apply for any other visa type than L 15 days.

A lot of agencies asked me to have a visa issued in my home country, Morocco, which I don't have (never been living there, but in France prior coming to China).


I'm looking for some, don't really have any, sorry.

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Ummm basically they lightheartedly coerced me into lying on the application saying everyone does this don't worry. The lady who worked there also helped me (lie).

So I made up a false business name and whatever.... Paid about 5000 hk$ and was out of there with a 6 month multiple entry visa.

Thanks for your feedback. Could you add some more information also? ...

What is your nationality?

Did you go to an agency? Are they who coerced you gently?

What type of visa did you get? (L, F, X, M, Z etc)

What documents did you need?

Have you had any other visas before this? What/How many?


Awesome feedback. So, you ended up with a 15 day L visa?

Seems like this is the only option more and more in HK.

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@ChTTay yeah, don't have my passport now as it's in PSB in Beijing, asked for an extansion - could only extand 15 days more, even tho' I had a lot of money on my bank account, enough for more than 30 days on a 100USD / day basis.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I went to Hong Kong yesterday. Just with a passport

Apparently last month some rule has changed.

I could only get a one month visa.

Paid about 1200 hkd.

I'm not working in China yet.

I find it hard enough to get a job in Australia let alone


But at least they gave me month.

They said before that runs out come back

And get another month.

So annoying.

They are getting as bad as Australia toward Chinese.

No agency.

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I friend of mine (US citizen) just got a 6 months (60 days per stay only though) visa in HK via Sunrise Int'l Travel Co. Ltd, 東明國際旅行社 for about 4,500 HKD, after his application for a visa via Forever Bright was rejected, because he had previously extended an L-visa in Beijing. I heard the same thing from a Romanian guy in HK, he had trouble getting a visa there, because he had previously extended an L-visa in Beijing.

What I have learned:

1) Sunrise Int'l Travel can currently do visas that others cant

2) Think twice before extending an L-visa in Beijing at the moment (I guess that will change again, but who knows).

Also, I was at the 公安局 extending a visa for one of our students, which worked fine, but was told that apparently all visa rules will get changed again on the 1st of September. So for anyone who enjoyed the last visa changes on the 1st of July, there is more fun to come.

Sometimes I just wish they would be just corrupt. It would certainly simplify things....

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Just got mine today...

Date of application: August 25, 2013

Nationality: USA

Consolate or Agency: Sunrise International Travel (the above link)

Visa applied for: L visa

Documents required: 1x Passport 1x Picture

Cost / Service: 1650 HKD Next Day Rush Service

Reason for application: I wasn't asked a single question. For what it's worth, I'm switching universities and had a three-day dead zone that I wasn't going to be able to deal with any other way, as the new institution will only issue my official invite on August 30. Land of mafan.

Previous Visa History: One tourist visa in 2007, not extended; two separate six-month work visas, one in 2008, one in 2009; uninterrupted study 9/2010-7/2013 at three separate institutions, ie, residence permits.

Problems: None, I got a 60-day double entry with no hassle. As to whether new regulations will cause me grief when I enroll in school and want to change to a student visa, well, this is the PRC, so the answer is "why, of course." Fortunately, I have learned that whining, yelling, and obstinacy, delivered in precise doses to the right people at the right time can solve almost any problem.

Suggestions/tips/comments: Very satisfied with Sunrise. Professional, friendly, helpful, fast. Not cheap, but then again being stranded in Hong Kong is a good way to burn through any budget.

Also, Hong Kong Budget Hostel (listed on Hostelworld.com) is where I am staying. Walking distance to the consulate and way saner than Chungking or Mirador, which also happen to require a ferry or subway ride.

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I'm getting ready to go to Hong Kong in a few days to get a new z visa since my old company decided to cancel my residence permit without telling me and lead me to overstaying by about 60 days. PSB informed me when I tried to renew.

Anyways, I'm American going for a z visa. I have heard starting September 1st Hong Kong is no longer accepting applications for Z visas from Americans and Australians. Can anyone confirm or disprove this statement? Currently in Beijing if it makes a difference. Thanks guys.

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Hey guys. I met a guy today in zhuhai.

He told me he is on a 1 year visa. Travel Visa.

Though he has to leave china every 30 days. But here that's easy. Just go to Hong Kong or Macau.

He's from India. Anyone know if this is an option for Australians and Americans........ I have to go to Hong Kong in about 2 weeks for another visa. Last time I got one month.

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If you are American and apply stateside it is standard to be issued a one year tourist visa. In Hong Kong you are are at the mercy of the consulate. They may out right deny to look at your application to giving you a one year visa and everything in between. Others in this thread have had success using an agent after not being seen by the consulate. I am myself going Monday to try to get a new Z or F visa (depending if I can get the Z paperwork in time) and will let everyone know how it goes. Good luck!

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Visa applied through agent. Was informed if you have an overstay plan on 4 days minimum, there is no rush service allowed. Also prepare a letter to explain why you overstayed and the receipt to prove you paid the overstay charge. Let you all know how it goes Friday!

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Hi guys. I didn't realize I had a 60 day visa. Just went to Hong Kong then. I still have another 30 days. I had 60 days but I had to leave after 30.

Anyway. They basically refused to give me one just now. This was before we realised I still had 30 days.

They said something about me having to need to book a hotel in zhuhai first. My girlfriend is Chinese we are living together. But they're we're like how do we know she is your girlfriend?

But it didn't look good.... Gonna try that agent that's suggested here...next time.

Does anyone know if I would have better luck going back to Australia and applying from there?

Cheers guys.

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Success! Extra cost because I didn't know rush service was unavailable.

Date of application:

Sept 9th 2013



Visa applied for:

Z Visa

Consulate or Agency:

Sunrise Agency

Documents required:

Z visa paperwork with HK as the placed listed in the invitation letter. STAMPED business license. An written apology and reason for my prior overstay,and proof of payment of overstay fine (requested but I was not assessed a fine)..

Cost / Service:

1650 HKD, no rush service avilable for those with an overstay permit on their record or in their passport. Plan on 4 days at least.

Reason for application:

Prior company canceled my residence permit without informing and led me to overstay 2 months. PSB informed me when I was trying to renew my permit with my new company.

Previous Visa History:

Visas issues from oldest to newest: F from Madrid, L from Chicago, Z from Chicago, Overstay from Beijing


Surprise by the request for a written letter and proof of overstay payment.


If you stay on the walkway on top you can go straight into the China Resource building without leaving the overhead walk way. When you need to turn right, left, right and then you will see a sign for the building directing you to turn right. You will be one floor above ground (2nd floor for my fellow Americans)

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