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+ the JW201/JW202 form, right?

Oops. Absolutely. Sorry for that omission- that's an important one!


Could I ask what scholarship your daughter is under?

Henan Government Scholarship. They did not take that application form though. They just took the JW202, the official admissions letter (in English), passport, the regular visa application for Chinese visa that everyone fills out, and the little 'cross the border slip thing.' 

They didn't ask any questions- just gave us an (expedited) pick up slip. 

My daughter will be applying for a long-term 'bilateral scholarship' in January. If she gets that, it might be a different story. But in the JW202 I am checked as her source of support and the scholarship box is unchecked. The Henan Government Scholarship application is a different application altogether. It has already been submitted to the Ministry of Education and my daughter is due to go to the PSB Friday to apply for her R.P.  I was not questioned about my 'funds' to support my daughter or asked for any proof of funds. I wasn't asked anything at all actually. If the box on the JW202 is checked 'scholarship' it could be another story.

To me, it seems at this writing that getting a student visa through Hong Kong is a simple affair. After all, they are only giving you a visa that is good for just 30 days upon entry, during which time you're expected to turn that into an R.P. The real work, as with a Z visa, is between the school's foreign affairs office and the PSB. My guess is that it is the institutions themselves, or the PSB, that would require you to apply from your home country, not the Entry/Immigration or the consulate. I could be totally wrong though, so investigate accordingly. I would imagine that if the Confucian Scholarship requires you to apply from your country of residence, they'll tell you that. Our FAO said that Hong Kong these days 'should ' be OK and in fact it was very simple.

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Thanks for the very informative reply.

The Confucius Institute scholarship has not stipulated that you have to apply for the visa from your country of residence.

Could I ask what you mean by FAO? Foreign Admissions Officer?

I'll follow up next year as well!

An FAO is generally called the 'Foreign Affairs Officer.' Ours handles foreign teachers, Chinese students studying abroad, and foreign students here. Seems to me she's the busiest person on campus!

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Can anyone recommend a reliable visa agency except FTB in Hong Kong? They are not answering their phones (which already makes them a lot less reliable in my eyes, though I heard good things in the past). Any suggestions? People who actually regularly apply for visas in Hong Kong and know the process, not just some travel agency that copy pasted something from the embassy website.



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