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Chinese drama with vocab: 我们无处安放的青春


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矿泉水      kuang4quan2shui3  mineral water

师母        shi1mu3           the wife of one's teacher

气候        qi4hou4           climate

真的有来世吗 10:30

瞬间        shun4jian1        momentary, in a flash

开放        kai1fang4         come into bloom (flowers)

消融        xiao1rong2        melt

掀          xian1             to lift


病危        bing4wei1         be critically ill 医院已经下病危通知了

混帐        hun4zhang4        bastard, scoundrel 混帐东西

急剧        ji2ju4                  rapid, sudden

恶化        e4hua4                  deteriorate, take a turn for the worse

操持        cao1chi2          handle, manage

反倒        fan3dao4          instead, on thew contrary 现在好了 反倒人人都怪起他来了

九泉之下     jiu3quan2zhi1xia4 down in the Nine Springs (the afterworld)

不凑巧      bu4cou4qiao3            unluckily

龙凤胎      long2feng4tai1    twins of mixed sex

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临          lin2              just before 这是周校长临去北京以前让我转交给你的

转交        zhuan3jiao1       pass on

实习        shi2xi2           do fieldwork

世俗        shi4su2           secular, worldly

约束        yue1shu4          restraints, bounds

计较        ji4jiao4          fuss about, think over

毕生        bi4sheng1         all one's life

空缺        kong4que1         vacancy (job)

温吞        wen1tun1          lukewarm, calm?

大富翁      da4fu4weng1       Monopoly (game)

每当        mei3dang1         every time

惊恐        jing1kong3        panic-stricken

无助        wu2zhu4           helpless

清晰        qing1xi1          clearly, distinctly 清晰的听见

哭泣        ku1qi4                  weep, sob

不近人情     bu4jin4ren2qing2  unreasonable

宣泄        xuan1xie4         let off, get off one's chest

适可而止     shi4ke3er2zhi3    not overdo it

闪失        shan3shi1         accident, mishap

罚站        fa2zhan4          be made to stand as punishment

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Glad you're finding these useful realmayo.


melody, I've been studying for over half a year in China, plus two years by myself on the internet. As you can tell from the sheer number of words I had to look up, my Chinese is still very far from where I want it to be.

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