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Cantonese Transcription Please


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This is great!


I was planning on putting up a series of short video clips from Hong Kong television with Cantonese audio tracks and adding Cantonese transcriptions to aid learners of Cantonese.


But, it was really quite a chore just putting up this one video.


I first had to trim the video. But all the free video editing software I tried wouldn't trim it where I wanted. It kept adding a little bit from the previous segment. I tried several times using various programs and just finally gave up trying to make it a perfect trim.


Then I had to convert the video from rmvb (Real Media) format to a file format that YouTube is able to accept. This is kind of stupid since Google owns YouTube and you would think they'd be able to accept any video format.


I tried converting to AVI, MPG, FLV, and quite a few of the video formats YouTube accepts. With the conversion, the quality of the videos were nowhere near as good as the original. And had to try various sizes and other little settings.


Then after getting an acceptable quality video, the upload...


Nearly 2 hours to upload a minuscle 50 MB file! Unbelieveable!


It said to be patient because of the large volume they receive.


Google, one of the richest companies in the world, can't shell out for more servers?!?!?!


I've downloaded videos twice the size in about 20 minutes.


Such a chore and I didn't even have time to put up an introduction or anything else to my video.


Actually I had 2 videos ready to upload but only had the time to get the one up. There are only so many free time in my day.


I didn't even have time to write up an introduction and description of the video.


Mr. Blue asking if she lived there. Isn't she mad at him. Just a little but seeing that he's chastened. (she thinks he's an unsuccessful insurance salesman when in reality he's an heir to a rich and powerful Taiwanese family.) Why the vase is so important to her. It's a fake you know. Of course, I know it's fake. Real ones are in museums or auction houses. Her budget (really wanted to see if there were characters here. "Taxi" has "dik see". So "sell" also doesn't have characters to it?) Telling her he has a solution. A better replacement vase she can borrow. Her mom lending him a vase worth several million. Isn't she worried that she's lending out such an expensive vase. You can't take it with you. Maybe there is true love...


I was planing on deconstructing all the Cantonese for the videos.


How they use 花樽 (fa jeun) instead of the "hua ping" in the modern standard Chinese (MSC) subtitles. "Ping" as in "Jin Ping Mei", the classic Chinese novel of sex and food. Sorry on Linux and can't type out the ping because I could never get the IME to work right.


Unless hua ping and fa jeun are common to both Cantonese and Mandarin. Just different word choices and not Cantonese/Mandarin differences?



Anyways I hope you find this helpful.


Yes, I do.


And, now...how about the second half.  :)


Oh, and for any non-Cantonese viewers. Please select the highest resolution to view the video (the "auto" feature chooses the lowest resolution). And make it full screen (actually the subtitles look smaller but clearer in the un-full screen). That way you can see the Mandarin subtitles. I especially optimized the videos for the sound and subtitles (which came out surprisingly clear).


Sorry this post is so rambling.



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Anybody care to transcribe the second video I've uploaded? Skylee?


Well, here's a synopsis for the second video until we do get a transcription. :)

To thank Mr. Blue for the loan of the valuable vase Jie On-Jan has invited him out to dinner. She still doesn't know he's an heir to one of the richest families in Taiwan, still thinking he's a struggling insurance salesman.

He decides on a restaurant in a fancy hotel. On-Jan tries to dissuade him saying that these restaurants in fancy hotels are just traps for unsuspecting tourists. High prices with not particularly good food to boot. Why not go to a "tit baan siu" (a teppan restaurant. think Benihana. where they cook in front of a large griddle in front of your table)? All you can eat for $2.55.

Developing such expensive habits when you can ill afford to. Your rich friend is ruining you.

Blue phones to set up reservations. His uncle(?) tells him to "order anything he wants. He's arranged everything with the manager. You know, originally your grandfather wanted to give this hotel to you".

While ordering, Mr. Blue says "if you haven't decided I'll make a suggestion. Catalonian lobster bisque. (I guess it's bisque. In the Chinese subs they use "tang". What's the difference between "tang" and "gang". What the difference between bisque, bouillon, consomme, broth, etc).

She not that hungry so that's enough for her. Not for him. He's worked up an appetite from running after the bus earlier in the day. In actuality he was excercising on a treadmill when she phoned him, so, he made up the story about catching the bus. He goes on to order American veal steak. Na Nga Laai (Na Wa La. I guess it's somewhere in Taiwan where they farm salmon) salmon salad. Cognac lobster bisque (?). XO (No, you haven't stumbled into an episode of Gossip Girl. XOXO :)) sauce butter wild mushrooms. And as On-Jan gets worried and worried he says and for dessert as they cut to commercial. On-Jan continues him for his extravagent tastes while he's not exactly rolling in money. He says if he can't finish it all they can just toss it out. He's not paying for it. He suggests a dash and dine. Dash and dine?


I was really interested in what characters Skylee would use for "maai daan". Also, note the two ways listed in the Google search result for Mandarin equivalents.

I'll probably clean this up a bit before I actually "publish" it for the YouTube channel and to my blog if I ever get around to blogging again.

I really feel for those trying to advertise their YouTube channels. It really is a chore.


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I do not really see the point of your asking for a transcript. I can of course do it, but it takes plenty of time to type it up.

Why do you want it when there are Chinese subtitles and you can understand the clips perfectly? And why don't you do it yourself?

This is for the second video.

  • 欸,藍先生,你點會揀嚟呢道食嘅?
  • 唔捨得請啊?我真後悔幫咗你。
  • 哦,唔係呀,唔係呀,你聽我講啦,呢啲大酒店嘅嘢都係呃遊客㗎咋,有咩好食啫?我哋頭先呢,咪經過一間鐵板燒嘅,睇落好似幾好食㗎,而且又多人,299食到飽呀。
  • 好好好,等陣。喂。
  • 天蔚。
  • 細叔。
  • 我已經幫你留好位㗎喇。
  • 唔該。
  • 客咩氣吖。呢間酒店你爺爺本來就想畀你嘅。盡量食啦,我已經吩咐咗個經理㗎喇。
  • 好。行啦,人哋留咗位㗎喇。
  • 如果你仲未決定,不如我介紹下。呢道嘅加泰羅尼亞海鮮湯唔錯嘅。
  • 你點會知㗎?你飲過啊?
  • 係我個有錢同學帶我嚟過。
  • 好啦,咁我就要個海鮮湯啦,唔該。
  • 你咁樣,夠㗎喇?
  • 唔,我今朝食得好飽呀。
  • 我就唔得喇,我今朝追巴士好辛苦,好肚餓。
  • 咁你就嗌多啲啦。
  • 係咁就多謝你先喇。
  • 唔使客氣。
  • 我要一份美國無骨小牛扒,仲有拿瓦拉三文魚沙律,干邑龍蝦湯,呢個。。。XO醬牛油野菌,仲有甜品呢。。。
  • 小姐,個湯仲要唔要呀?
  • 哦,要啊,唔該。
  • 你試唔試下?
  • 唔使喇,我咁樣就夠喇。欸,藍先生,你聽我講啦,你唔好成日嚟呢一啲地方食嘢啦,我睇你嗰個有錢朋友呢,帶壞咗你喇。後生仔呢,最重要專心工作,點可以咁好食懶飛,你咁樣搵得再多都儲唔到一個仙呀,何況你又唔係搵得多吖。你有無聽過一句說話,以前啲人話,大富由天,小富呢係由儉,所以我哋做人要。。。
  • 大姐,你聽我講,嗌多幾樣嘢,唔食,就罷就。
  • 嘿,咩嘢叫唔食就罷就啊?你估唔使畀錢㗎?
  • 係呀。
  • 你唔係想食霸王餐啊?
  • 係呀。
  • 唓,發夢啦你。霸王餐。
  • 媽。你唔係話,我嘅生活太嚴肅嘅啦咩?難得而家有個傻瓜提供啲娛樂畀我,咁我就梗係。。。好啦,就玩埋渠今次啦。娛樂完就放過渠,ok?
  • 食飽啦?
  • 嗯。
  • 你食飽,我去埋單喇。
  • 等下先。你以爲我同你講笑啊?我頭先同你講嘅都係真嘅。我發現呢一間餐廳,只要你理直氣壯大模廝樣咁行出去,就唔會有人要你埋單嘅。
  • 你又喺道亂講啦。
  • 你唔信我啊?跟住嚟吖。
  • 欸,等陣,等陣呀。
  • 唔好玩啦,一陣渠哋報警咁點呀?
  • 唔好嘈,望前面。
  • 先生。
  • 哎呀,我都話㗎啦。唔好意思,係誤會嚟㗎咋,我哋諗住同你玩下㗎咋。
  • 唔係,呢份係餐廳送畀兩位嘅小禮物,歡迎再嚟幫襯。
  • 多謝。
  • 你仲唔走?警察嚟,我唔理㗎。
  • 警察?
  • 快啲吖。點呀?我講得無錯啦?而家無事喇。
  • 啊,真係講都無人信呀。欸,間餐廳唔蝕到死至奇呀。
  • 唔會嘅,好似我咁膽大心細嘅人有幾多個吖?
  • 你正一怪人嚟㗎。不過藍先生呀,你都係聽我講啦。
  • 好啦,夠啦,大姐,唔好再講耶穌喇。奇怪,又唔係老,點解好似阿婆咁吟沉㗎。
  • 好,我唔吟你喇。
  • 欸,你去邊呀?
  • 我要去埋單。
  • 埋單?我哋咁樣跑出嚟就係想幫你慳錢,而家反而就。。。
  • 咁你有無諗過,如果餐廳裏面嘅人要幫我哋賠錢咁點呀?如果渠因爲我哋無咗份工咁點算吖?我唔想連累到人哋呀。我梗係想慳返啲啦,不過,如果因爲嗰少少錢搞到瞓唔安、食唔落,唔好喇。欸,我個慶功宴完滿結束喇,跟住,要請你食嘅大餐又請咗,啱啱咁刺激都玩埋喇,多謝你,藍先生。我,我就祝你以後工作事事順利,天天向上,你以後一定會成功嘅。
  • 欸,你返去諗下啦,唔好再食霸王餐喇。
  • 奇怪,點解好似變咗我畀人玩嘅?
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I do not really see the point of your asking for a transcript. I can of course do it, but it takes plenty of time to type it up.


Oh, well. It was great while it lasted.


I know it can be a chore. I remember as a kid transcribing the lyrics to songs with my little cassette recorder. Having to rewind every few seconds. Then the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper came with the lyrics all printed out. And also the White album with this huge poster. Then they stopped. So back to the little recorder.  :)


Now all the song lyrics are available on the Internet. Kids today don't know how easy they have it.



Why do you want it when there are Chinese subtitles and you can understand the clips perfectly? And why don't you do it yourself?


You think too highly of Kobo. I largely understand it from reading the modern standard Chinese subtitles not from hearing the spoken Cantonese, which is what I'm studying from the HK Cantonese dubs.


I may have been learning Chinese on and off for over 30 years and Cantonese, also, on and off, for over a decade, but, it's nowhere near the level of a native. Besides a lot of the stuff I get wrong.


For instance in the first video, the vase one, both times I hear the guy saying what sounds like "Dyson" for "wait a minute" or "hold on". You have it as 等陣 which is what I thought it should be, either that or 等一陣 since the modern standard Chinese has 等一下. But "Dyson"? That would have tripped me up completely and I wouldn't go any further.


That and a whole lot of other things. Sometimes the Cantonese would use an alternate word meaning the same thing in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Sometimes it's a replacement word only used in Cantonese that I wouldn't know. I could try looking it up in the CantoDict project's Cantonese dictionary, but, then I'd have to know the correct pronunciation in Jyutping Romanization and as in the case of "Dyson", I doubt I'd be able to find it.



Oh well, I’ll try to post at the Sheik Cantonese Help Sheets web site’s forum and see if any of them would help transcribe my next video.



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I may have been learning Chinese on and off for over 30 years and Cantonese, also, on and off, for over a decade, but, it's nowhere near the level of a native. Besides a lot of the stuff I get wrong.

Perhaps you can first try it yourself and then ask Skylee or others to correct you? That way, you would get some practice, and it would be less work for others.

You could also consider thanking Skylee and upvoting her posts here, for what looks like may have been hours of work. I think perhaps that might make her more willing to continue to help you in the future.

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You could also consider thanking Skylee and upvoting her posts here, for what looks like may have been hours of work. I think perhaps that might make her more willing to help you in the future.

If I were to upvote her, how would she know it was me?

Anyway I don't want to 勉強(勉强) her. I think that's right. I learned it from watching Ariel Lin's It Started With A Kiss. If she doesn't want to do it she doesn't want to do it.  :)



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Oh well, I'll try to post at the Sheik Cantonese Help Sheets web site's forum and see if any of them would help transcribe my next video.

Well, here's my latest video.

And the transcription:

Liz : 啲嘢搞掂晒喇。

Peter :[ei3],唔該晒呀。

Liz :Peter,你放心啦。呢單 project 咁緊要,我一定由頭跟到落尾嘅。

Peter : [ei3],你辦事我梗放心啦。

-Signing the documents -

Peter : 喂,知唔知你咁靚又咁本事,如果我冇 wife 我一定追求你呀?

Liz : 你梗係唔記得咗啦,我同你老婆好熟㗎。

Peter : 求你啊,千祈唔好喺我 wife 面前講嘅喎!

Liz : 咁我都求求你啫。千祈千祈唔好喺我男朋友面前提啫。

Peter : 喂,一齊食 lunch 囉。

Liz : 今日去邊度食好呢?

Peter: 我諗住嗰間。。。 酒店好似幾好嘅喎。

Liz : 新開嗰間扒屋? 嚟吖,好吖。

- Outside -

Boyfriend: 鬼佬?!


Peter :Hi

Boyfriend : Uhh... Evening.

Peter : Evening

Boyfriend : Um.... Me, She.... You know?

- Awkward looks -

Boyfriend : No no?

Boyfriend : (Points to self) Boyfriend

Boyfriend : (Hands flowers to Liz) She, girlfriend.

Boyfriend : Girlfriend, no problem, 啊?

- Car pulls up -

Wife : Peter!

Peter : 喂!

- Peter returns -

Peter : Me, husband.

Peter : She, wife.

Peter : Liz,你嘅男朋友好得意喎。拜拜。


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Many have said to Kobo that these videos are fine and dandy, but, how about some action.


So here is a clip from a Korean drama series. Kung Fu action at its finest. Most Korean martial arts scenes aren’t very good, but, when Kobo first saw this, he was quite impressed.


More of the Bruce Lee school of action. Where the heroes don’t banter while fighting. No Spiderman-style cracking wise while battling the bad guys. ;-0


If anybody'd like to take a crack at transcribing the Cantonese dialog, Kobo'd be quite appreciative?


Doesn’t have to be Skylee. :)


Oh, yeah. The link.





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  • 3 weeks later...

I've added another video.




It's a 3 minute video of how shrimp paste is made. Filmed in Hong Kong as part of the "A Bite of China" series from last year (?).


Anyway, I heard they've a new season (or series as they call it in Britain). Bit of a controversy. How it focuses more on individual people and how they focus on minorities (show harmony), etc.


I thought they focused individuals in the first series as well. That Korean girl who went back to her family home to make Korean style paocai (kimchi), that guy with the roof garden, etc.


Minorities such as the Korean girl, that tofu guy...or was it mushroom. So long ago.


Anyway, there's also a parody of British cooking, done in the style of "A Bite of China", titled "A Taste of Britain" that's gone viral in China. How Brits really love spuds. I mean really love the stuff.   ;-)


I haven't seen the video myself. Should make for enjoyable light entertainment.


Watch my video, damnit!!!!   :)


Isn't anyone studying Cantonese?



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Skylee, please transcribe my videos!!!!


I'm on bended knees, with my folded hands bobbing up and down begging you.


Help me, Skylee-wan!!!!


You're the only one who can do it!


No one else can!


Is it because you've been subjected to some unpleasantness because of your Cantonese?


Have you been cyber-bullied?  :)



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Padova, nice. Anyway, I did the first 50 seconds or so, both in characters and jyutping, now lunch is calling.




Daai6ou3 hai6 Hoeng1gong2 jan1soeng2 jat6lok6, zeoi3 lei5soeng2 ge3 dei6fong1, zou2nin4 ji5 caan2 jim4 ji4 man4ming4. Daai6ou3 ge3 cyun4tung2 tou2caan2 hai6 zi6gei2 jip3zai3 ge3 haam4jyu2, gei3luk6zoek6(?) seoi2hoeng1 mei5sik6 ge3 cyun4kei4.




bat1guo3 ling6 daai6ou3 geoi1man4 giu1ngou6 ge3 m4hai6 haam4jyu2, ji5hai6 keoi5dei6 zi6zai3 ge3 ha1gou1 tong4 ha1zoeng3, jau4kei4 hai6 ha1gaau1, gam3 do1nin4loi4, dou1 hai6 caau2coi2, zing1jyuk6 ge3 zyut6gaai1 pui3liu2.




ni1gaan1 hai3 ging1lik6zo2 sei3daai6jan4 ge3 baak3nin4lou5dim3....

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Re #13, hope the following is useful.





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