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Yogurt - Live and Active Cultures?


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Hi guys,


Sorry if this question has already been asked. My internet is being strange and not loading any searches I make.


Does anyone know which yogurt brands usually found in China (Shanghai) have live and active cultures? Or how/if that would be expressed on the packaging? Looking to get in on some good bacteria.




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A hint on searching - the default forums search uses Google, and so might not always be available from China. Either try with a VPN on or click the 'google' button to bring down the drop down menu and select 'forums' to use the site's own, inferior, search engine. There's a recent discussion on yogurt here, not sure if there's anything useful. 

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I looked into this a month or so ago. Here's the thread: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/46462-finding-non-sweet-yogurt/


I eventually found a couple brands that were labeled as containing 活性乳酸菌, although none were unsweetened. I never located starter granules locally (Kunming.) You should have it easier in Shanghai.


Deferred pursuing the project further until I return from my annual trip back to Texas next month.

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After suffering from China's sweet, watery excuse for yoghurt, I gave up until I found a cheap yoghurt maker in a local department store. So, now I make my own. This yoghurt starter is available in a couple of places in my city. (It's also on Taobao).






The whole process is described here.


Once you have made your first batch, you can use some of that to start the second batch.

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