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How to post Chinese characters on ezboard


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No, it hasn't worked for you. Your characters are displayed as some bizarre symbols.

I think it has something to do with finding a compatibility between ANSI and Unicode.

The test account name is Quest2X

Password is: uest123q

If anyone can help me figure it out I would greatly appreciate it.

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Sorry about the late reply.

The thread no longer exists, but I know that I could've read the characters had I changed the character encoding setting on my browser. The thing is, if I change the character encoding setting to accomodate Chinese characters Western scripts may become unreadable.

What I'm after is how to post Chinese characters on the message board so that people can read them without changing the character encoding setting. I know it can be done because I've seen it done.

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Hi, just to make sure I've been doing the right things, can you guys go through the steps for posting Chinese characters on a message board? Start from the very beginning, no matter if it's very obvious or seems redundant.

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music2starr, if the message board set its default language to western european, it's not possible for chinese characters to show up automatically, the user has to change his own encoding when viewing the page.


Hmmmm, my experience recently is the contrary. If I save my Chinese characters in Unicode UTF-8 and then paste it in a board with default Western encoding (like spcnet.tv) it would show the Chinese characters correctly even without the reader having to change the default encoding (the encoding is still Western).

If one changes the default encoding (in the board) into Unicode first, before posting the Chinese characters, the reader must change the board's default (Western) encoding into Unicode to view correctly. The Chinese characters would distort in the default (Western) encoding.

But the situation you've described probably was correct about a half or one year ago.

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