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hainan university... anybody know anything???


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anybody been to, or know someone that has been to hainan university?? as usual, the website doesn't give you much info. i was looking at the master's degree that they defer for chinese language and literature.

anyone lived in hainan, or been there?? good, bad???

any help is deeply appreciated.



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Hi Chris

I have never been to the university but have been to Hainan.

I was in the south of the island (Sanya) for a couple of weeks last year, it's a beautiful place and very cheap compared to Beijing (where I was based). I found the putonghua accent a wee bit strange (I am a beginner learner so that probably doesn't mean much), it sounded to me as if the pronunciation of 10 & 4 were the same at first but I got used to it pretty quickly. It was a much slower pace of life and the weather was seriously hot. I travelled all over the south part of the island including Wuzhizhou (sp?) island and generally had a very nice time chillin'. I loved eating all the different types of fruit and watermelon is my favourite and I could buy a whole one for 2 kuai at the local food market.
Sorry probably not much use to you but brings back some nice memories.

Take it easy



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