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Breaking the Exchange Student Barrier


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but not sure posts by anonymoose and realmayo would make her feel all that welcome...


For all you know, she might be gagging for Takeshi - it's just that she's too shy to make the first move.


My post might be exactly the catalyst they need to broach the subject.

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I apologize for writing in an overly self-deprecating style that makes me sound unconfident and simply was inefficient at expressing the point I wanted to make. But I thank Lu for understanding it and translating it into normal-person-speak.


But yea, a lot of people put a lot of emphasis on finding the mythical "Chinese friends" because of how great that would be for your Chinese language practise. (Or even worse, the even more mythical "Chinese girlfriends" who are supposedly even better for your Chinese.) But thing is, finding local friends/(girlfriends) in a foreign country isn't exactly that easy, and if you expect that people will be friends with you, it will be harder to find people who like you. If what you're mainly looking for in a "friend" is a Chinese language exposure and practise machine (you can deny this, but come on, aren't we all :P ), actually, non-friends are just as good at this as friends are, so you shouldn't feel disappointed about being in "an exchange student barrier" or "having no Chinese friends" and stuff because it isn't really as bad as it seems. You just need to find ways to get exposure to people talking Chinese, but you don't necessarily need to worry about them being friends with you. You may also end up making real friends, but if you do that's a nice bonus. I'm not saying you shouldn't try to make friends, I'm saying you shouldn't expect to make friends, and it's not the end of the world if you don't end up making friends.


roddy umm, sorry, I thought that was a joke, I didn't expect you were actually going to paypal me money to ask her out. Also, she is a wonderful person and good friend to me, but I'm not trying to pursue her romantically, and I don't understand some of the comments people are making. I would ask her to come to this site, but unfortunately she doesn't speak English.

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Just take the money and buy her dinner anyway. She gave you a great idea which you are now sharing with others, that's worth a nice meal. Romance is nice and all, but a free dinner with a good friend is better than no free dinner at all :-p

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Are there still any Chinese language exchange programs that allow you to staying in the same dorms as the Chinese students?  While that doesn't work for everyone, for people that wants that type of environment it allows for a lot more interaction in Chinese in naturally settings.

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