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男人不醉: A new mould-breaking TV drama


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Just watched till Ep.6. Not bad, but I cringe at some of 胡超's acting. He does that typical silly face making that Chinese often do in their shows. It's so unrealistic and is just horrid acting. Each episode is kind of mini-movie quality though. Definitely atypical Chinese TV.


A couple vocab comments I think worth mentioning.


In Ep.2;


搏 to fight; to struggle. This word first shows up in 放手一搏 (to put one's all into the fight; to go for broke). 


He then asks 博什么 (to fight for what?) and is told 梅婷, to which he responds with a homophone of 博 (勃起), "我看她我就勃不起来" (I can't get it up when I look at her).



In Ep.6;


扣 I think was a typo in the vocab list. It should be 抠, and it doesn't mean to dig out with one's finger in this case. It means "stingy" as in 抠门儿.


Edit: Well, I kind of take that one back. It was a typo and did mean "stingy" at the beginning of the episode when they were talking about the other girl and her old lipstick. But it's used differently toward the end of the episode when the guy says 抠喉咙 which means to stick one's finger down one's throat to induce vomiting. (没喝多少就跑厕所里抠喉咙去了。)


In Ep.9;




I don't really get that last little conversation just before the end credits. Hopefully someone can explain.


安东尼 and Ling had agreed to leave together, but 安东尼 took off. When Ling caught up he explained to her how he wasn't used to such boisterous occasions and was afraid of saying the wrong things. Ling explained that it was the first client he got since joining the company, which was all the more reason for him to be nervous, and she was just trying to help. Then 安东尼 wanted to confess a serious issue; that he had just refused Mia's (the little French girl) marriage proposal. Ling laughs and says he's so bold, because that was the client's little daughter.




好伐 is Shanghainese for 好吗 or 好吧, pronounced ho-va... but it doesn't sound like that's what he actually said.


假纯 can be taken literally; false purity. It means someone who only acts pure and dignified, but in reality, or in private, is as dirty as the rest of them. In this case, the person on the phone knows what exactly is meant by the "work" these ladies have to do well in this business..

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