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I like the idea of Chairman Bao but unfortunately they only start at HSK3, they explain this because its hard to do a sensible news feed with a lower level of chinese, which is a shame because my reading is, at best between HSK1 & 2.


They said they may do some lower level stuff, But I haven't seen it yet. I am at the moment on somewhat of a reading binge since my revelation described here http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/50055-preserving-word-order/


If any one knows of any similar or even not similar but reading material like the news or passages from textbooks of the level I am at, it would be great to know about.


I just can't get on with the types of story in the Chinese breeze series and would really like some sifi or fantasy to try.


Or does any one think I should/could try HSK3 stuff or would it be a bad idea?


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I believe in you, Shelly. If you make an account on Chairman's Bao, each article will show a word and grammar list. I looked at an HSK 3 article the other day, and I could read a bit of it even though my vocab (and grammar knowledge) is still very low. You can do it!




I just can't get on with the types of story in the Chinese breeze series and would really like some sifi or fantasy to try.

Have you read any of the Mandarin Companions? At least one fits your sci-fi criteria (County of the Blind).


I bought one with the intention of reading it once I get through DeFrancis' Beginning Chinese Reader, and when I last looked at it a couple days ago, there are sections where I can comfortably read a few sentences consecutively without having to look up a word or a grammar point... so I know you could handle it. the Chinese Grammar Wiki also has grammar points for each chapter of the textbook if you get stuck/confused: (ex: http://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/The_Country_of_the_Blind:%E3%80%8A%E7%9B%B2%E4%BA%BA%E5%9B%BD%E3%80%8B).  Maybe they would be too easy for you, though. 

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Hey All,

The Chairman's Bao team here. We have only just seen this thread! Thanks for all your kind words about the site :) If you have any feedback, questions and features you would like added, feel free to reply to this or email us at [email protected].

Michael H - you should see this feature in the app within a week or so, it's in progress now :)

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Well I had a look, and tried to register, seems I registered before but can't remember my password. Tried a couple of possibles but no joy. So I went through the forgot your password thing and it just went round and round no success.


I sent an email stating my problem, no reply as yet, its been a few days, will give them the benefit of Chinese new year and wait a bit longer and then try again.


Tried to install the app on my tablet, says its not compatible, so i tried it on my phone same thing. Also mentioned this in my email. Phone is 4.3 and tablet is 4.0, any one had success with it on either of these versions?


In the mean time I have had a look at the web version, I will pick an article that interests me and give it a read. But I would like to have the benefits that registering gives and having it on my tablet/phone so we will wait and see.

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Hey Shirly,

We have received no email from you unfortunately? Could you please send it to my personal email address at [email protected]? I apologise for the issues you are having, I'll try my best to have this all resolved ASAP. In your email please tell me your username and I'll have the password reset for you. Can you also provide a little further detail about the devices you are having issues installing on please?

Sorry about all of this! This certainly isn't not normal and definitely is not the experience we wish our users to have.



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Hey Matt, do you want to post a full and frank confession of any shill posting on here? Maybe speak to the whole team before responding. Y'know, especially the interns. It's usually the pesky interns. Then you'll want to clean up anything 'they've' been up to elsewhere. Twitter. Facebook. Online reviews. That kind of thing. 


Only just seen this thread, huh?

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Hello HerrPetersen, 


Thanks for reply and positive feedback. 


TCB can't remain free forever unfortunately. We plan to introduce a subscription fee once all functionality has been implemented and the apps and website are running bug free. As I mentioned above, if there is any extra functionality you would like to see, please feel free to let us know :)

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Hey there, 


This functionality isn't yet in in the app, although it should be in an update over the next week or so :) Roddy was referring to a promotional post one of our staff made but shouldn't have. Our team is quite new to Chinese Forums and didn't quite understand the nature of the community and what can and cannot be posted. 


Any more questions please let me know, i'll let you know on here once the font size change update is implemented. 


Thanks Xiao! 

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