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Studying at BLCU from Sept?


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你们好 !


我 的 普通话 不太好。

I'll be studying in the 12 week intensive course (beginners). I'm arriving a couple days before class starts. And what about all of you?


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@cat: so finally you got your ticket. Did you get a one-way or return ticket?

I'm also going to attend the one year long-term program, but I'll arive a bit earlier on August 20th.

gotta run,


P.S.: perhaps we should start some introduction thread or something to get to know each other.

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are u guys gonna be staying in the dorms? do u guys know the details on the dorms? i asked this in another thread but no one replied. i heard there is the nasty dorm, and there is the "nice" dorm, more expensive of course. my question is how "nice" is nice?


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did you look at Greymatter's journal? it's probably the most detailed explanation of the blcu experience so far:


He's pretty descriptive about how bad 'bad' is. As for the nicer rooms, I hear there are standard rooms on campus, then the nicest rooms are actually in hotels near the campus. <-- I welcome corrections/ affirmations from other people! There is more information online but it takes searching. You can find a few pictures by googling "blcu" and "accomodation" or "housing"

Of course, the concept 'nice' varies between people. Personally, nice = clean, safe, and ventilated. Size does not matter :wink:

Puja: I got a roundtrip ticket. It is an open ticket so I can change the return date if necessary.

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yeah size doesn't matter much to me. the things i like for are:

1) Standard shower (I heard in the 'nasty' dorm the "shower" can hardly be called that)

2) Standard toilet & sink (no squatting ugh)

3) Basically clean room, no rats/bugs/etcetc

4) Standard heating/cooling

5) Safety

I'd much prefer a personal bathroom than a public one too

That's all. I don't think that's asking too much... then again, this IS China... :conf

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Hi all,

I'm starting at BLCU on the short-term 12 weeks course this September, so wanted to join in the general BLCU accomodation confusion. I have been looking into staying at the conference centre, which seems reasonable, but wasn't yet available for bookings when i tried (a few weeks ago). I've also looked into staying at the Xi Jiao hotel closeby, which may be a safer option, and I know someone who did the course last year who says her friends were happy staying there. I'm pretty sure that the pictures on their website (http://www.xijiao-hotel.com.cn/english/kfjs/kfjs.htm) are somewhat misleading, so if anyone has any more info on staying there, i'd really appreciate hearing from you. The prices seem quite reasonable if you're prepared to stay a while, and it is very close to campus...

I'm glad to see so many people are coming to Beijing in September - it should be fun, and i agree Puja that it would be good to set up some sort of thread so we can get to know each other beforehand.

Good luck with the room hunting,


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Hi everyone,

I'll be attending the long term program at BLCU, too. I will arrive on august 29, just before classes start.

I'm from Chile (south-america), 29 year old male. I expect to get a decent dorm, probably shared, but at least with a toilet in it, not a public one.

Hope to meet you all!! Feel free to pm me or e-mail me if you want.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Alex,

good idea on meeting up. I think perhaps we should do some general meeting for all those studying at BLCU this fall. I think we're at least 6 to 10 people so we could meet up for some dinner and maybe some beer (or er guo tou :mrgreen: ) later.

But better start a new thread for that.

btw, we have an introduction thread for those at BLCU here



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Hope I'm not intruding...=) I'll be at Tsinghua University for a year though. I'm 22, from Toronto, Canada... hoping to meet some new friends in BJ.

Hi Etcetera, I noticed you are from Toronto as well. Please give me a shout!

My email is willchun@gmail.com Send me an email everyone. I think it'd be cool to go out for a drink as well.



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