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Episode 12


无偿 wúcháng free / no charge / at no cost

zhēng to requisition land

认账 rènzhàng to own up to a fault / to admit the truth / to acknowledge a debt

jīngchéng sincerity / absolute good faith

铺天盖地 pūtiāngàidì lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom); fig. earth-shattering / omnipresent / of universal importance

人寻 nàirénxúnwèi thought-provoking / worth thinking over / to provide food for thought

发家 fājiā to lay down a family fortune / to get rich / to become prosperous

fēi only / nothing else

kōngshǒutàobáiláng someone who makes a fortune from a small investment (seems to have a negative meaning, perhaps indicating that the fortune was obtained by underhand means)

出一 chūyīzhé to be precisely the same / to be no different

bǎimíng to show clearly

作对 zuòduì to set oneself against / to oppose / to make a pair

léi mine (weapon)

见面 jiànmiàn gift given to sb when meeting them for the first time

dose (medicine)

怀 shìhuái to release (tension) / relief (from suspense) / to dispel (usu. with negative, unable to forget)

往死里 wǎngsǐlǐ (coll.) (to beat etc) to death

zuòfēiwéi to run amok (idiom); to commit outrages

蛛丝 zhūsī lit. spider's thread and horse track / tiny hints (of a secret) / traces / clue

xióngzhǎngjiān lit. the fish and the bear's paw, you can't have both at the same time (idiom, from Mencius); fig. you must choose one or the other / you can't always get everything you want / you can't have your cake and eat it

míngtang worthwhile result / accomplishment

yǒushìkǒng secure in the knowledge that one has backing

忌器 tóushǔjìqì lit. to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases (idiom) / to not act against an evil so as to prevent harm to innocents

跨度 kuàdù span / horizontal distance between vertical supports

打草 dǎcǎojīngshé to inadvertently alert an enemy

孤家 gūjiāguǎrén one who is cut off from others (idiom) / one who has chosen to follow a solitary path / (can also be an indirect way of referring to an unmarried person)

xiánliáng a good wife and loving mother

糟糠 zāokāng chaff / grain husk

伶牙齿 língyáchǐ clever and eloquent (idiom); fluent / having the gift of the gab

忌惮 jìdàn absolutely unrestrained / unbridled / without the slightest scruple

cèngchīcèng to cadge a meal

gōulián to be linked together / to be involved with / to collude / interconnection / involvement / collusion

八方 bāfāng the eight points of the compass / all directions

来头 láitóu influence

敬不如从 gōngjìngbùrúcóngmìng deference is no substitute for obedience (idiom) / (said to accept sb's request, invitation etc)

流言 liúyánfēi rumors and slanders (idiom); gossip / lies and slanders

叱咤 chìzhàfēngyún lit. to rebuke Heaven and Earth (idiom); fig. shaking the whole world / all-powerful

to look / to have a glimpse at / to observe (sth's splendor)

说纷 zhòngshuōfēnyún opinions differ (idiom)

zhī limb / limbs and trunk / body

jiào to complain of an injustice / to lament sb's misfortune

to authorize an arrest

dāngduànduàn to make a decision when it's time to decide

xìnkǒukāi to speak without thinking (idiom) / to blurt sth out

liào to put down / to leave behind / to throw or knock down / to abandon or discard

shàngfāngbǎojiàn variant of 尚方劍|尚方剑 / imperial sword (giving bearer arbitrary powers) / in fiction, Chinese version of 007's license to kill

xuějiā cigar (loanword)

kǒujìng caliber / diameter of opening

生疏 shēngshū unfamiliar / strange / out of practice / not accustomed

wēi might / formidable

使 shǐrán (literary) to make it so / to dictate

qiān meek / modest / amiable

嚎啕 háotáo to wail / to bawl (idiom)

miǎn immunity (to disease)

访 shàngfǎng to seek an audience with higher-ups (esp. government officials) to petition for sth

高高在上 gāogāozàishàng set up on high (idiom); not in touch with reality / aloof and remote

阎王小鬼 Yánwánghǎojiàn, xiǎoguǐnándāng lit. standing in front of the King of Hell is easy, but smaller devils are difficult to deal with (idiom)

chángmìng to pay with one's life

核磁共振 hécígòngzhèn nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

接风 jiēfēng to hold a welcoming dinner or reception

锐气 ruìqì acute spirit / dash / drive

Chéng Yǎojīn Cheng Yaojin (589-665), aka 程知節|程知节, Chinese general of the Tang dynasty There's a wiki page for this general, but this is the most relevant bit:

"Cheng Yaojin and his three axe strokes" (Chinese程咬金三板斧): Used to describe someone with a limited repertoire of skills, i.e. someone relying on the same old tricks.

gōngwei to praise / to speak highly of / compliment / praise

成吉 Chéngjíhán Genghis Khan (1162-1227)

大众 luódàzhòng proletariat / abbr. for 普羅列塔利亞|普罗列塔利亚 plus masses / also written 無產階級|无产阶级 in PRC Marxist theory

jiūjié to intertwine / to band together (with) / to link up (with) / twisted / tangled / confused / to be at a loss

访 xìnfǎng complaint letter / petition letter / see also 上訪|上访

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Episode 13


cuǐcàn bright / resplendent  

古来圣贤皆寂寞,唯有饮者留其名 two lines from a Li Bai poem. I think it means something along the lines of "saints are quickly forgotten, whereas drinkers become famous"

韵味 yùnwèi implicit charm in rhyme or sound / hinted appeal / interest

chóngyǐng double vision

dòuxīnyǎn to have a battle of wits

qiǎzi checkpoint

jiànbié to differentiate / to distinguish

中生 zhōngshēngyǒu to create something from nothing (idiom)

不自 zhǎobùzìzai to ask for trouble / to bring misfortune on oneself

chéngzhāo to obtain confessions under torture

座上客 zuòshàngkè guest of honor

寻常 xúncháng usual / common / ordinary

tán style of conversation

yīng heroic spirit

qièshēn direct / concerning oneself / personal

tiǎotóu to take the lead / to be first to (do sth) / to pioneer

戒线 jǐngjièxiàn police cordon / alert level

páibiǎn board (attached to a wall)

dàijian (coll.) to like

dēngzishàngliǎn lit. to climb all over sb / fig. to take advantage of sb's weakness

yóuqiānghuádiào flippant and insincere (piece of writing or speech) / glib-tongued / oily

luǒguān Communist Party official whose wife and children have left China to reside in a foreign country

乌纱 wūshāmào black hat (worn by feudal official) / fig. official post

没辙 méizhé at one's wit's end / unable to find a way out

qiāozhà to rip off / to extort (money) / extortion / blackmail

正不 gāngzhèngbù'ē upright and plainspoken

ēfèngchéng flattering and fawning (idiom) / sweet-talking

招标 zhāobiāo to invite bids

保底 bǎodǐ to break even / to guarantee a minimum (salary etc)

fēngshèng rich / sumptuous

xiānwéizhǔ lit. first impression is strongest

tuōyǐng'érchū to reveal one's talent (idiom) / to rise above others / to distinguish oneself

白头如新,倾盖如故 you can be closer to someone you've just met than to someone you've know your whole life

qīnggài to meet in passing / to get on well at first meeting

lán billows / great waves (fig. of a story with great momentum)

鲶鱼 niányú catfish

jiǎoxìngxīn trusting to luck / wishful thinking

肇事 zhàoshì to cause an accident / to be responsible for an incident / to provoke a disturbance


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