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Hello there!

I'm taking the hsk 6 test on the 3rd of the december and for this reason I bought a book called : 汉语水品考试:模拟试题集,and to access the audio you need to scan a qr code (and this where the 麻烦 parts start). First of all, their website (www.blcup.com) is dead, I called here and there with them promising me to send the audio asap but until now no answers from them. 

I would like to know if someome is experiencing the same problem as me, or if anyone knows where I can find the audio ressources online. If so, I would be 感激流涕 to you!


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3 hours ago, S.Jade said:

First of all, their website (www.blcup.com) is dead

I tried Peking University Press website yesterday for similar purposes and I also couldn't access it, so that makes it two different university websites.


Edit: I'm trying to look for them on Baidu but no luck yet. Do you happen to have a Confucius Institute or university with the book? They may lend the audio to you.

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These are the websites of the associated publishing houses, not the universities themselves. BLCU is still up and running. As long as you don't click on any of the wrong links...


Really is ridiculous. Google BLCU, click on the first link, click on the big friendly "Chinese Course" button. 404.

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Right! It's unbelievable to think that such an university is not capable of managing a website and to see that I'm not the only one experiencing those issues!

Thanks Elina for you help, I appreciate it! 
Thank you all for your responses, It's nice to see such an helpful forum :clap:clap

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I happen to have purchased this book and struggled through the download process. The Taobao seller I bought it through helped me get it going. 

Google Drive Link



Note that the book intro says there is an attached CD with MP3 files. The back claims you should scan a QR code despite the QR code not existing. I ended up baidu-ing around until I found the right place. I had to create an account to download the files. The website had a "points" system that prevented me from downloading them all at once despite the files being "free" (no points needed), so I had to download them one by one. Each download required going through several pages to get the actual download link but the website would constantly crash so it turned out to be a half-day ordeal. 


I don't remember the website.


Bonus info!

I remembered I can search my browsing history! and it was, in fact, blcup.com. Junk site.

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On 13.10.2017 at 3:19 AM, HuayangAcademy said:

We have spoken to an other University on behalf of a student, 

We were told that there was updates to do with the upcoming Congress and the site would be back in 2 weeks



I've heard something similar from fellow academics at 北京 大学 when I was visiting last week. I couldn't even access professors' professional home pages. Most annoying. Let's hope the New Thought stimulates the Party to open up access again. 

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On 3/10/2019 at 8:44 PM, Nusy said:

can't reach mentioned site, it's totally dead

@Nusy and @hkdude does this help?






Album page for HSK4 with additional material:


Shirley0528's page in Ximalaya:



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