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Cappuccino = 卡布奇诺?


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Hi everyone,


Miss Food here - now corrupted into Miss Drink also...


When I say cappuccino in Chinese, I always use 卡布奇诺 but I just came across another translation for it of 热奶咖啡.


Does anyone actually use that? Have I been living in a parallel universe all this time, inventing my own Chinese vocabulary. Doesn't everyone use 卡布奇诺?


Would welcome any opinions!


Thank you,



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Generic name for coffee with milk. In this case, hot milk.


Baidu image search just shows a variety of coffees with milk, including cappuccino. 


As above, I've never heard or read this in Beijing though. 

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I don't know what most of the English names mean in Starbucks , never mind the Chinese ones :D

The ones I do know are:


Cappuccino = 卡布奇诺

Latte = 拿铁

Americano = 美式


And standard black filtered coffee (which is never prepared and I think no one orders but me) is called 当日咖啡

In fact a lot of places don't even advertise it on the menu now . I guess they want customers to buy the fancy ones.:wink:

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13 hours ago, 陳德聰 said:

Someone trying to sneak a bad translation past you it seems :)


Yes, how dare they!


7 hours ago, abcdefg said:

Ordering cappuccino! My word! You live in a different China from the old-fashioned one I inhabit.


I don't believe that for one second. I'm sure you're drinking orange mocha frappuccinos almost every day!

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I like the freshly-made coffee at McDonald's 麦当劳 and KFC 肯德基 here. Pretty sure it's better than basic "fast food chain" coffee available back in the US. 



I don't know what most of the English names mean in Starbucks , never mind the Chinese ones


Glad I'm not the only one who is baffled. 



I recall a thread here in these forum pages by a member who worked for the summer in a fancy hotel and part of the job was filling in for the regular barista. Pretty sure there is some coffee vocabulary to be found there. (Couldn't find it just now in a search.)

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Most KFCs and McDonalds here offer that drip coffee (that ABCDEFG mentions) on all breakfast deals. Then they also have “real” coffee like Americano, Latte etc.


KFC’s coffee is pretty awful. I am not sure why as all they do is push a button. They have coffee beans but the machine does all the work. McDonalds is much better, especially if it’s a McCafe.


To stay on topic... In both of these I’ve said 卡布奇诺 for a Cappuccino  

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1 hour ago, imron said:

So I guess the China you inhabit is not that old-fashioned then


I suppose not. But truly I had no idea China McDonald's offered Cappuccino, Late and Americano (whatever those are.) But then I've never tried ordering them at McD in the US either. Never been a big coffee hound. Sometimes I'll have one in an airport just for a change of pace. 

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Im the opposite. I'm not a coffee snob but need regular black coffee every day twice a day. When I leave the big cities I get withdrawal symptoms. 

McCafe is actually very good. Years ago in China it was absolutely awful. The coffee powder milk powder and sweetener was mixed in a jug and left sitting there all day


Starbucks is always full in Beijing so looks like it's a growing market here. However I think the brand name is a big driver behind the business success as many other chains like UBC, twosomes are half empty mostly. I think they are  Korean companies though.


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Starbucks have positioned themselves perfectly in Beijing (and quite possibility elsewhere) as the office workers drink.

I’ve had two different people tell me they don’t even like it but they feel like they’ve got to drink it to fit in. 


I agree with DavyJones that they’re usually always full. I feel like it’s almost not even coffee anymore. It’s a destination in itself. That’s not just office workers either, I see groups of more well to do older ladies going there too. 


On the other side of that, artisan coffee has grown substantially in Beijing in recent years. You can easily be a big “coffee hound” and get your fix here. Usually they’re really small and full of people taking coffee very seriously. It is way better than chain coffee though so I do go occasionally. 


The bigger text size above isn’t deliberate. No idea how to fix it on my phone! 

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