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汉教英雄会: Chinese Language Teaching Idols (Self Promotion)


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Hey all,


I'll be participating in a Chinese Teaching competition that will be aired on CCTV 教育 in the future. I've already made it past the first two rounds (school and regional) and am now onto the national level.


The first section of the national level is a vote collecting competition, which seems to be an easy way to advertise the show. I want to win it.


You can cast a vote for up to five different people every day between now and the 28th of this month. I'm #26 艾墨本.


To vote:

1)follow the Confucius Institute on Wechat (picture 1)

2)Enter the Wechat and click the button in the bottom right (picture 2)

3)Search for number 26 and 投票 to cast a vote for me (picture 3)


The button in picture two isn't showing up for a few people. If that's the case you can click the keyboard in the bottom left and type in "投票" which will bring up all the needed information.







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3 hours ago, abcdefg said:

Search where?

The search bar at the top of the page when you first open wechat. You can search from there. There is also a 公众号 button you can press before you do the search to only search for 公众号.

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9 hours ago, Xiao Kui said:

I'm trying to imagine what events a  Chinese Teaching Competition would include? Does it test your knowledge or actual ability to teach? Both? Or did you sign an NDA ? ?


No NDA, but I would have been clueless to how to answer this question just 10 hours ago. The competition is first a cultural presentation, for which contestants work in groups of 5ish. This involves going around Beijing and doing interviews, collection information, creating a presentation and presenting it. This section will cut the contestants from 60 to 32.


Next is the debate and the first of the rounds that is broadcast. In teams of four you have 24 hours to prepare for a debate. This section also cuts the contestants from 32 to 16.


The is a role play in which you are expected to memorize and then perform a play with just a day or two to prepare. This one seems daunting to me.


Then there is the quiz section in which your enter fate is determined by a single question. Contestants get cut to 8 from here.


Finally is the teaching section for which several college students of Chinese are recruited to be students. Each contestant does a short class on a single grammar point. This determines the final winner.


The voting section that is happening right now will be figured into the points of the first section that determine who get to the final 32.

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Thanks for the details. So it's a combination of knowledge, language, and teaching skills, I guess. Some of the events seem to be a better litmus for good Chinese teaching than others. I wish you all the best for the competition!

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I cast vote # 703 this morning.


But you are way behind. The leader has over 4,000. Need to quickly come up with a better campaign strategy. Something broader based and easier for those who wish to help you to implement. 

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I'd love to vote for you but, for the life of me, with my limited language capacity, I can't figure out how to get to the relevant screen.  It doesn't help that, as I mentioned awhile back, my Google browser is now in Mandarin.  I did get an English version of the Confucius Institute website but don't see a link on there for this contest.  Anwyay, best of luck with this.


13 hours ago, abcdefg said:

The leader has over 4,000.


Wow, who has that expansive of a network. Maybe they're a YouTube vlogger.

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Voted, number 1620. (And I normally don't even vote in things like this because they are, as you say, cheap attempts at promotion that have nothing to do with the abilities that the contest is about and only test the contestants' skills at self-promoting.)

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Vote # 2158 this morning. 


12 hours ago, LuDaibola said:

I'd love to vote for you but, for the life of me, with my limited language capacity, I can't figure out how to get to the relevant screen.


Ben, you need to address things like this if you want to get votes. I had a hard time figuring it out too. It is not intuitive. In order to win this thing it needs to be virtually effortless to vote for you. 

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Thanks @Chong; followed your link, clicked on 艾墨本 and was presented with a QR code i could scan with WeChat to vote. Didn't have to follow the show public account.  Here's the link to that QR code page, presume it's not uniquely generated each time: http://wx8267d8592f34fed1.wx.mvote.cn/opage/dba3acd2-811d-1e02-344e-7368be67eca4.html

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