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Smith I told my co-workers the same about shark fin because I saw it on a documentary. But then they said fish has no nervous system and do not feel pain. The way they are killed is horrible. Why can't the fishermen just give them a quick death before cutting their fins? (I am not against eating shark fin, but very uncomfortable with the way they are killed.)

Off-topic now. Sorry.

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I don't see why we shouldn't eat shark fin.

First, shark is not an endangered species and don't need protection.

Second, shark is not dolphin. It is not human's friends but human's predator.

If whales are okay to be eaten by Japanese, why shark fins cannot be eaten?

Moreover, the consumers do not ask the fishermen to do the shark finning. Those sharks are mostly caught by American, European and Japanese fishboats and not by the fishboats from China, HK, Taiwan and Thailand -- the consumers.

So it should be the responsibility of those fisherboats' governments (i.e. US which had passed law to ban shark finning) to ban such brutal practice and require those fisherboats to net the whole fish.

It is not the consumer's responsibility to refrain from eating.

Anyway, I have tried the shark fillet and it tasted okay though. I don't understand why those fishboats don't net the whole shark.

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The way they kill chickens, slit their throats then bleed them to death. If you kill a chicken in front of another chicken. That other chicken will likely die soon after.

But be reminded, this is a way to kill a chicken fast, and it's said that the chicken won't feel much pain by this method (by RSPCA!). Indeed they recommended this method for killing chickens rather than putting them into hot boiled water first.

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Actually I also think that the shark fin soup is not worth the price.

Tastewise and pricewise, I think snake soup is more delicious. But I heard that Mainland has banned the export of snake due to concern over SARS.

But I scratch my head on why they didn't ban the sale of civet cat (before this week) but banned export of snake!

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> It is not the consumer's responsibility to refrain from eating.

Don't you think there's any situation where the consumer should make a stand Ian? It's the reason why some people are vegetarian, apart from anything else.

I know lots of animals are killed cruelly. But they are normally *killed* at least, not left to die. It's not of question of pain, whoever said that, sharks can't survive without their fins right?

Being a protected species and a predator on humans (which is rubbish anyway, as if humans were in their natural habitat splashing around near beaches). What have these things got to do with how cruel the practice is?

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Ian, but as far as I know the China government are killing civet cats right now, so they don't really have to ban the export of it.

SNake is another matter, Hong KOng Snake King would have some problems too, they had their own snake farm in Hong Kong though. I had my bowl of snake soup last month, and it was still as good as 3 years ago. :P

And speaking of killing animals cruelly, have you guys ever seen a funny video on the web called "the MEATRIX"?

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I am not a vegetarian but do take a stand on not eating any wild animals. You could say "what is the difference" it's an animal life anyway. Well, maybe I just comfort myself by saying that at least the meat I now eat comes from an animal which is reared for commercially purpose - that is food. However, I acknowledge the fact that it is still cruelty and am guilty of it.

By the way, I can't share the view how sharks are human predators. Aren't we the very ones who have cross the borders.....sharks are protecting their homes just as we would protect ours if the same happened. It's instincts! Next time try vegetarian shark fin soup....pretty good....the texture of the fin very much alike too.

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Tara equally you could argue that a wild animal lives a normal life where our commercial interests are akin to a predator or any other danger that comes its way -- at least it has a sporting chance blah blah blah; and that the idea of breeding an animal variety especially so it can live in captivity and then be killed in a factory is spectacularly inhumane.

I'm not a veggie either (tried it, didn't like it) and I get the same guilt thing as you. I think we've a duty to despatch the poor brutes -- wild or not -- as humanely as we possibly can. No reasonable person would disagree with that surely.

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Don't get me wrong. I am also against the brutal killing of animals.

What I emphasize is that it should be the governments which those shark-catching fishboats register should enforce the ban of shark finning rather than the consumers to enforce it.

If those governments turn a blind eye to such brutal practice, they should be blamed more than the consumers deserve.

Are sharks protected species? I am not sure.

Are they predators of human?

In the place I live, shark attack is a frequent event. Just last month a teenage girl got her arm bitten off.

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