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Kunming behind the scenes: Wild mushroom wholesale market 木水花野生菌批发市场 


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12 hours ago, Wiserman said:

Wild mushroom images look interesting. Some of them are very big.


Thanks. None of these are huge. With most varieties, I can hold three of them in one hand. But of course the stems are long. I've seen stories on-line about people discovering gigantic specimens in the wild, one mushroom being as big around as the wheel of a passenger car. But those are the exception; I've never seen one larger than a person's head myself. 


12 hours ago, Wiserman said:

When looking at mushrooms in the wild, it is nice to know for sure which ones are poisonous.


You are certainly right about that. Every year some people make a mistake and eat some mushrooms that they thought were safe, but they wind up in the hospital. I would not trust myself to pick them in the forests. 


Some varieties are "trickier" than other. What I mean by that is that the safe ones and the poisonous ones are very similar and it's easy to be fooled. I try to stay away from those. Don't want to take a chance. 


Other varieties can be harmful if not cooked properly. Those I'm not afraid of, since I've gradually learned how to make them at home. I cook them with great care. 


Several times I've been to restaurants to have wild mushroom hotpot with friends and the waitress cooks them at our table in broth over a moderate gas flame. She won't let any of us even stick a chopstick in until the "safe time" has arrived. She sets a kitchen timer on our table and we must wait until it rings. 15 minutes is usually long enough.  


Interesting and delicious. If you visit Yunnan during the rainy season (summer) be sure to try some. 

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