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Chinese freind clear up suspicions

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Just now, ibag said:

I don't know which dictionary is better or not for foreign friends. 


I think that was a joke... :)


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Welcome! Your Chinese is fluent and almost perfect.


Usually we say "北方人", but if we divide a city into north and south, we can say "北部的朋友".


I like Shanghai very much.


It's a beautiful, vast, international metropolis with great fresh air.


I've been a security guard about six years, including two years in Shanghai, where I lived near Longevity Park.


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17 hours ago, ibag said:


它是个颜值高 空气好的 国际化大都市. 

我当保安6年了,其中 在上海干保安2年,住在长寿公园附近.


北部 和 北方 :谢谢你帮我区分。








Thanks for helping me differentiate 北部 and 北方 a little more clearly.


The air quality is good? You're without a doubt a northerner. None of my neighbors would agree...but I guess we all have our own opinions!

While you were a 保安 in Shanghai, did you learn any Shanghainese? Do you find it very different from 普通话?


A few weeks ago, I celebrated my first year in China. The more Chinese I've been learning, the more I find myself hearing Shanghainese on the bus or the subway.

@889 谢谢你修改!

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几个星期前,我刚过完我在中国的一周年纪念日。虽然我的中文听力越来越好,但是遇到越来越多讲上海话的。。。(听不懂 lol)
首先 请原谅我回的慢 
因为有工作 不能玩手机 
每次小心检查英文还是错漏百出 。。。
事实上 我听不懂上海话。 
大部分外地人都听不懂 也不需要学, 因为基本上全中国都会说普通话。
要是各地都只会说自己的话 恐怕天朝早四分五裂了
所以 您只需和当地人讲普通话就行。
我在上海环球金融中心60层谷歌(广告部), 和张江高科德州仪器(研发部), 做过全职保安.
可以免费观看"上岗"队比赛 还有外快.
还在徐泾东的 国家会展中心 等其他地方 做过保安
关于南北方的天气差异 待续。。。
First of all, please pardon me for the delay of my replies.
When I'm on duty I can't play the cellphone.
And I checked my English expression carefully, but there are still a lot of mistakes and omissions ...
In fact, I can't understand Shanghai dialect.
Most outsiders can't understand and don't need to learn at all, because basically all of Chinese can speak Putonghua.
Speaking Putonghua in public areas is required by national policy.
If the people everywhere could only speak their own words, I'm afraid the China would be torn apart. 
So you just need to speak Mandarin with the local people.
They only speak dialect with their own native speakers.
I worked as a full-time security guard for Google (Advertising Department) on the 60th floor of Shanghai World Financial Center and Texas Instruments (R&D Department) at Zhangjiang Gaoke.
I worked as a moonlighting security guard at Shanghai Stadium next to Xujiahui for football games.
We can watch the "Shanggang" team competition for free and have extra pay.
I also worked as a security guard in Xujingdong National Exhibition and Convention Center and other places.
The difference in weather between the north and the south is to be continued ...

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