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A walk in the park


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In the interest of full disclosure, yesterday the weather turned cold. Night-time lows of 4 or 5 degrees (mid and high 30's) and today the sky is gray with forecast of light rain for tomorrow. Kunming is pretty most of the time and the weather is reputed to be the best in China, but it's not something picture perfect out of Walt Disney movie. 


These cooler temps mean long johns as a base layer when you get up in the morning, even before going out. Sweater, gloves, hat, and scarf plus a thick coat make you ready for outside. Today I'm even bundled up inside the house. A steaming bowl of chicken and daikon radish soup hit the spot last night. 鸡肉炖白萝卜。Look forward to the leftovers tonight.  Good cold-weather comfort food. 


In Kunming during winter it's customary to use these double-walled 双层中空 stainless steel 不锈钢 soup bowls 汤碗 for meals. Ordinary homes are not insulated or heated and using these keeps the food warm long enough that you don't have to wolf it straight down to keep the last bites from being tepid. They are made with air space between the two metal layers to serve as insulation 隔热。Had not seen them before moving to China. Don't know if they are common in other parts of the country. 







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Haha! I guess it's all relative to what people are used to. My cleaning lady came over today to 打扫卫生. She's a middle-aged Kunming native 老昆明人。Was wearing about 17 layers of everything; looked like she was ready to step out in Harbin to build a snow castle. She always gives me a motherly lecture about dressing more warmly. 多穿一点衣服 is her mantra.  很容易感冒 usually follows. 

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