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Kweichow Moutai etiquette and age


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Hello goodevening,


a customer gave me a bottle of Kweichow Moutai. After looking it up on the internet the price showed to be quite astonishing.


I'd like to sell the bottle and give at least half and maybe (hopefully) more to my colleagues.


Could you translate the etiquettes Chinese writings? Can you say how old it is?


Hope you can help out,

Best regards,



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19 hours ago, Rickvisser said:

After looking it up on the internet the price showed to be quite astonishing.


What price did you find listed? Usually the Moutai which commands top prices is 53% alcohol, as well as being from a desirable year, at least 15 years old, maybe 20 or 30 or more. 

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Hello goodevening,


first of all, thank you so much for your kind reactions.


So the label was what I originally wanted to ask about, but learning Chinese customs is also very nice. Even if it happens to be so sell bottle's of alcohol

Have been to Asia and like the continent a lot, and my brother's wife is Chinese, so it's really nice to know :) (Y)


The pictures are in the post.

It's a version with 2 little glasses with it. Online prices for 2015 and 2017 bottling were between 96,00 - 138,00 euro.


The production year seems to be on the cap and it's from 2011 on photo 2.


Online was said that

"2011 was a gala year for Kweichow Moutai Co, Ltd. This was the 60th anniversary of the state-owned distillery. A huge party was thrown to mark the occasion, hosting countless VIPs, while in excess of £60m was spent on a coveted television advertising campaign ahead of Chinese New Year."


Maybe it makes a difference in selling price, good or bad, does anyone has an idea about this?


So... yes well, thank you for helping out a lot :)


If anybody here is interested and have a reasonable price for this version and I can make you or someone else happy, I m glad to sell and send it to you. I ship from Germany.

Please let it know in the comments.


Have a good night,

Best regards,







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Well, the TB price for a recent bottle of the 43% is certainly higher than I expected/remembered, although still far behind the price for the 53%.


@Rickvisser: According to the QS number, it should be produced between December 2014 and December 2017 (not that this page is correct 100% of the time). You should be able to find the year on the bottle, as @889said.  Took a picture of a 2017 bottle just now (same QS number btw, although this is the 53% version):




Edit: When I posted this, the last post by Rickvisser wasn't visible (refreshed before I posted), dunno why..

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Evening again :)


Yes the date was on the bottlecap, it's 2011. Do you have any idea what's it worth? Couldn;t find anything on the web yet


Maybe my message was delayed because it had to be approved, because I'm new here.


889, thank you for posting, but I'm not sure what you mean. Could you explain?


Have a goodnight :)

Bye, Rick

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China has a system of product standards, much like the German DIN system.


The label on your bottle says the liquor was produced according to standard GB/T18356. This particular number was first used on labels in 2008, so it's consistent with a 2011 date for your bottle.


(As you probably know, counterfeit goods are a real problem in China.)

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15 hours ago, Rickvisser said:

Do you have any idea what's it worth?


If TB auctions are anything to go by, CNY 1500-ish seems to be a good bet (e.g. this, with 1,5 hours left and 0 current bidders...)


But I doubt you're going to get anything close to that for it if you sell it in the west. Maybe CNY 1000? Just guessing here.


@madizi: Baijiu is an acquired taste imo. I've come to enjoy Kweichow Moutai quite a lot, the 53% (haven't had the 43%) is probably in my top 3. Too bad about today's price tag though, wouldn't pay for a bottle myself...

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Hey goodevening,


yes we'll see how much it will bring, on eBay or Amazon maybe... 180EUR it wont bring, but a smaller fair price is good enough :)


Thanks 889 that helps for legitimacy and I ll sell it as a legit bottle which i think it is. The smell goes through and is good for sure.


So.. when it's sold I ll come back and post for how much, just if you're interested.


Thanks again for all the replies, its very kind of you.

Have a good night!


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