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Hard wheels of tofu skin


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Don't think I've ever seen these. Are they strips of tofu skin 豆皮 that have been rolled up? If that's the case, I would unroll a few of them, slice in slivers, add in that form to a stir fry or to a soup near the end of its cooking time. 


You can try asking on Reddit, but you can be assured of getting some fanciful answers. 

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OK. If that's what they are, I can help. I've used those plenty, just not bought rolled up and packaged like yours. Bought them in the market as strips or even sometimes as rough-cut sheets. What I suggested above still stands, use them in stir-fries or soups. Also as part of a cool salad. (凉拌)


Here is a good article that has "10 top recipes" for using them in family-style meals at home. ("Family style" means simple, not elaborate banquet dishes. 家常菜 in Chinese.




I realize the article is in Chinese, but you can look at the pictures and use Google Translate. If you get stuck on one or two phrases or short passages, I can help out, but I am not willing to translate the whole thing. 


Number 5 is one I've made a lot and is a great starting point. It uses fresh sweet peppers, similar to Bell Peppers, that are in season now. (The Chinese peppers are shaped different, but have a similar flavor. A bit closer to a Cubanelle pepper or an Anaheim pepper.) I've made it with colored ones as well as just green. Mix in some red or yellow. Crisp and light. Has eye appeal. It's one I enjoyed making for guests when I lived in Kunming. Spring, early summer. 


Take a look and see what you think. It's in the best Chinese tradition of using only a few ingredients that are fresh and full of flavor. It's not something you would find at Panda Express, where the dishes are overly complicated, with confusing seasoning, drowned with sweet gloop for the American palate. 



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