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Hi everyone,

I'll be studying (at BNU) later this year for four months in Beijing. I've been to Beijing once before (my first ever visit to China) and spent 10 days there last November. I was hoping it would be like Taipei, with loads of night markets for me to indulge my main passion - eating!

Apart from the rubbish "night market" in the centre of town which seemed to be solely for tourists, I couldn't find any. I assume that's because I didn't research enough rather than that they don't exist. I had a bicycle and explored but just couldn't find lots of food stalls nor, for that matter, food courts within some of the large shopping centres.

So - what did I miss? I'm looking for stuff like the food courts in Singapore/Taipei and the food markets again like in Singapore/Taipei. As a single traveller not yet able to read a chinese menu, I don't like going into restaurants on my own. Also, the portions are so huge as they're designed to be shared with the rest of your huge family. Tips please? Thanks!

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There are definitely food courts in places off wangfujing. There's also a food alley to the west off the bottom (west) end of wangfujing that's much better than the night market at the top. And there's a mini food court specialising in archaic beijing snacks on the very bottom floor of xindongan dasha (aka sundongan plaza). I think very few tourists make it down there; the people working there were very friendly.

Also, while they're not food courts, there are fast food places in most shopping malls with illustrated menus with the added bonus of portions designed for one person.

There were also night markets out in chaoyang (near lidu hotel and in nvrenjie opposite yansha dasha/lufthansa complex).

But seriously, I felt like there was ready to eat food everywhere in beijing, practically all the time...

Incidentally, the phrase for night market seems to be 'dapaidang' (tones 4,2,1 i think). So you could try asking 'zhe fujin you dapaidang ma?'

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