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Calling all single guys in Shanghai


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Are you single, caring, kind, bit of a looker, and looking for the cutest,

sweetest gf?

Then look no further.

I'm being a bit naughty. I'm helping out my Shanghaiese friend who is on the


Her name is xxx and I can honestly say she is the sweetest girl you will

meet. She's slim, very pretty, has a lovely smile and she's experienced with

western culture and is well educated.

Only serious, nice guys reply please because she's a special friend and she

needs to be treated nicely.

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ohhh, now you tell us!! you didn't mention she was 30 and looking for marriage material.

i'm afraid the original post sounded like a come-on for a webcam xxx site.

wellll, i might be interested. i'm 42, tall, long hair (except on top).

would love a bright, educated chinese woman to take care of me.

are her hobbies cooking, cleaning, reading, and supporting a lazy laowei?

will her income support me in the manner to which i've become accustomed? will she

save me the expense of college visa applications?

i gots no job, gots no income.....but i gots 'mao' !!!

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Didn't check the site for a while. Yeah, she knows. I shouldn't have to do it though. I'd be with her myself if I was in China. I don't know why she doesn't get a chance to meet nice guys, perhaps cos there aren't any in Shanghai. Weiguorens anyway.

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I think she's gotten the weiguoren bug. I find Chinese girls studying in the UK either can't wait to get home and be with a Chinese guy, or they love British guys and culture and become forever changed. I don't know any who isn't fussed whether their partner is Chinese or Western. They tend to have a strong preference for one.

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