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Bus Uncle 巴士阿叔 ?!


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tsuialex wrote:

well also check this:


"5月26日,香港的《香港經濟日報》、《蘋果日報》、《星島日報》等報道事件。隨後,美國的美聯社、《水銀日報》、《紐約時報》、英國《衛報》、泰國《國家報》、阿聯酋《海灣時報》、南非《獨立報》、加拿大《The Gazette》、台灣《東森新聞報》、《福布斯》網上新聞等傳媒亦有報導此項事件,事件進一步向世界傳播。"

now the world is watching closely such issue!

Actually, it is also on the ENGLISH version of wikipedia:


The Bus Uncle (Chinese: 巴士阿叔) is a video clip viewed and debated by many in Hong Kong beginning in early May 2006. In the Cantonese video clip, a middle-aged man, Roger Chan Yuet Tung (Chinese: 陳乙東), commonly referred to as Bus Uncle, Uncle Bus, Grumpy Man or Bus Judge (Chinese: 巴士判官) scolds a younger passenger, Elvis Ho Yui Hei (Chinese: 何銳熙), for nearly seven minutes during a bus ride in Hong Kong. The episode was recorded by another passenger, Jon Fong Wing Hang (Chinese: 方穎恆), on a cell phone and uploaded to YouTube, a popular free website hosting video clips. The title Bus Uncle was coined by some internet forum-goers in reference to the man doing the scolding.

Soon after premiering on YouTube, the video clip turned into an Internet meme, and numerous parodies followed. The original video clip enjoyed over 2 million views and 5 million hitpoints on YouTube, becoming the site's most popular video on 28 May 2006. Its copious use of profanity and rhetorical outbursts has also gained attention from the mainstream and international media.

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lol, Roddy...


You're not going believe this but Google went off again shortly after I posted!

Alright, you probably do believe it...

I should have touched wood. Next time I will be sure to touch wood after being smug about how modern Shanghai is with all the different rules etc...:x

With our international summit coming up, anything could happen. They already are shutting down all workplaces and a major highway, so what would shutting down a few more sites be in comparison?!

Where is the original post where you can download Bus Uncle? I didn't find it.

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No he is not. but not because he was attacked. He resigned as his boss' wife committed suicide because of the pressure having him in the restaurant -> 扒王妻死諫 阿叔無得撈

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No he is not. but not because he was attacked. He resigned as his boss' wife committed suicide because of the pressure having him in the restaurant

I think you meant to say she tried to commit suicide,she's still alive. I think that woman might have some type of mental problem to try to commit suicide just because her husband won't fire the guy.

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