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Favorite Chinese (Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese) TV Series

Guest Wuliao

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nnt' date=' not (spill/splash), but .


... 儒風凜凜,俠骨錚錚,站著是鐵柱鋼梁,士不可辱,倒下

擲地有聲,血濺軒轅。 這种兼儒風俠骨于一体,獨立的人

格 ...

www.64memo.com/disp.asp?Id=2101 - 12k -

我以我血濺軒轅——http://hlg.focus.cn/fviewmsg/103 ...[ 簡體 ]

... 97 班周積分:100 -->進入blog. 我以我血濺軒轅——http://hlg.focus.cn/fviewmsg/103/9269091.html.

eric0001 2004-02-12 ...

xkjy.focus.cn/fviewmsg/137/9270383.html - 11k

TV(繽紛銀屏)[ 簡體 ]

... 1614, M, timber, Mar 13 19:29, ○ 追看“血濺軒轅” (456

字), 7. ... 1617, sgczc, Mar 13 19:41, Re: 追看“血濺軒轅” (461

字), 1. ...

bbs.scau.edu.cn/bbsdoc?board=TV - 7k - 13 mar 2004

I agree, but I just made a copy/paste from a Chinese e-book before checking elsewhere...:roll: !

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Talking about 鄭少秋 and 汪明荃, I still remember them in 書劍恩仇錄 and 倚天屠龍記. Then he was 陳舵主, now he is 宇文爺. Then she was 霍姑娘, now she is 王夫人. How time flies. :?

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One of HK people's latest favourite TV programmes has to be "earth TV" (瞬間看地球), aired every now and then after the news. Girl friends are reporting how they rushed out of the kitchens, letting their cooking burn, just to look at what is happening elsewhere on earth at that particular moment. And from what I have just seen, I find it hard to believe that it is 22 degrees Celsius in Colonge (warmer than HK!!).

Sorry for getting a bit off-topic, as the programme is not really a series.

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"血薦軒轅"裏的芻狗好慘呀. 天地不仁, 以萬物為芻狗 ...

In fact the woman doesn't have to cheat him into marriage. He would willingly do anything for her, or even die for her, even if she is not carrying his child, because she is his lady (小姐). And the script-writers have to show us that she has cheated him, he has found it out, and is still contented to be cheated. Another such character is that 火生, who apparently loves his 小姐 and gives his life to her. Is there a name for this complex?

And I just love the beautiful round face of that actress who plays 秦淮. Does anyone know who she is?

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