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About this blog

I'm starting this blog because sometimes I feel like saying something about (my) Chinese learning that isn't really worth a forum post or is not a question. Somewhere to document my progress. It has been just about exactly a year now of consistent work, so I'm interested to see where my 普通话 is next New Year's holiday. I will try to use this space to post some interesting things I find along the climb!

Entries in this blog


扎啤 ? bags

draft beer

This summer I've been enjoying an extra bit of 扎啤 / draft beer. Something about draft always tastes better than bottles and I like buying local stuff. It's pretty popular in Beijing to sell these bags(or sometimes canisters) of draft beer by waimai 外卖 or walking in the shop directly. They add  pressure to the bag before sealing, so it arrives fresh, bubbly and cold within about a half hour. The price is right too. 1.5 - 2 liters for around 17rmb for Beijing/qingdao draft, 35-50 for white or wheat beer, 70-100 for Ipa. 


This one is wheat from a place called URbrew and made in 河北:



Standard Beijing draft and Qingdao( I was drinking the Qingdao during a zoom call with some friends back home and they thought it was hilarious:



My favorite hands down, a beautiful beer, ipa, from 叁金叁 whatever that is(?)  85kuai for about 5 pints:



Another wheat beer that's very popular, 泰山 Taishan from Shandong, pretty nice fresh wheat beer, 60kuai for 2 liters:



I just received this yesterday cold-chain shipped from the city of 青岛 , no idea yet how it tastes, but 40,000 people have ordered it on taboo and positive reviews, on sale for 28kuai for 2 liters, I had to get one:



Next one I'll prob try is this one:




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