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Sunny ad




Apologies for the lack of Signese-love recently, I have been doing other things. Not sure what though.

Here's a hand-scribbled ad stuck up on a window near my local breakfast emporium (ok, McDonald's. Best value coffee in Beijing, I maintain). Rather than just ask you a bunch of questions though, I'm hereby challenging you to transcribe or translate the entire ad. If you can't do it all just do the bits you can.



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Help Wanted

Male or female aged between 18 and 25; salary about 1,000 yuan per month plus free meals and accommodation.

Interested? Please contact Mr Liu at 123456 or Ms Huang at 123456 for details.

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"包食宿" = "free accommodation and meals." That makes a lot more sense than my first interpretation, which was "[the job will be] wrapping food and houses." :blink:

Does it say what the job is?

[kenny, "Help Wanted" is probably better translation for "招工", at least around these parts.]

[889, I was wondering about that "女" character; looks more like a "null" symbol to me....]

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That's a common way of writing 女. Like the common way of writing 所 discussed in a previous thread, it doesn't resemble the printed form too closely. Perhaps we could start another thread at some point to list other widely used handwritten forms like these.

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A 書法字典 is such a list. (and if you use one, I recommend ignoring all examples after 清.) But a thread with only the most common forms would still be useful. Meanwhile, look at this playlist and if you're interested in more, look for them in 北方網.

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