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Yongan Lu Scene




Another user-contributed photo today, from edelweis, bring us an idyllic scene from Yong'an Lu in Changping, Beijing (I'm assuming that's the 永安路 it is, correct me if incorrect.)

If you'd like a couple of questions to engage with . .

a) What are your dining options on this particular stretch of thoroughfare, and what will you personally be choosing?

B) You need to get your mobile phone fixed, book a train ticket, and buy a pair of shoes. Can you do this all here?



Recommended Comments

A ) I'll go with the

shaved noodles from Shanxi


I'll pass on the

baked donkey meat wheat cakes


B )

There's a mobile phone repair shop and a shoe store. I didn't see a place selling train tickets.

I can't read the sign on the far right.

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That one's got me a bit confused as well - 凯琳虎坊桥卤煮 I think, with a character hidden, in traditional, and I'm not sure what's with the radical on 卤. Regardless, 卤煮 is the pertinent bit I think.

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The traditional form of 卤 is 滷 when it means "gravy", with the water radical: http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php?page=worddict&wdrst=1&wdqb=%E6%BB%B7 . The traditional form of 卤 is 鹵 when it means "salt". Here, apparently, 滷煮 is a form of hotpot, "gravy boiled", not "salt boiled".

[bTW, when text is "spoiled", I need to click on each "blacked" word individually. This is rather a pain. Is there a way to change it to allow hovering over a spoiler text and it will be shown? Or is this a browser issue?]

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Ah, that clears things up, thanks.

As for the spoilers, what happens if you click and drag across the text? I think that's what's meant to happen - although it's not ideal, as mobile browsers will often just ignore the background colour.

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AH! I get it now, the spoiled text is just black text with black background. Yes, highlighting the whole section works, I feel a bit stupid...

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