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I took this picture because I found the selling point / slogan 吃不過癮的美味 weird.

I mean I would use 吃(得)不過癮 on something negative, for example when the quantity of food is not enough, or if the food is too expensive, or if I am too full to eat the tasty food, or if there is not enough time to enjoy the food, or if the companions and/or environment are unpleasant. I don't have a positive interpretation for it.

So have I missed something? Like perhaps for trendy people it means that the food is really good? What do you think?


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I'm having a problem figuring out what 吃不過 means in the first place. I thought it was "unable to eat" or something like that at first, but now I don't have much of a clue.

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不過癮 means "not feeling satisfied". One way to interpret 吃不過癮 is that (the food is so good that) no matter how much you eat you won't feel satisfied/you have had enough.

But it just sounds weird to me. Perhaps it is a common expression on the mainland.

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Maybe it's trying to mean "it tastes so good, no matter how much you eat, you'll still want to eat more"? But like Glenn, I don't really have a feeling for what 不過癮 means.

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