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專科診所 Specialist Clinic



I was at the Queen Mary Hospital (Hong Kong) a few days ago and I took these pictures because I was bored. The Chinese used in the pictures is all right I think, but the English is quite disappointing, especially the name of the teaching department (but most probably it was an editing error - the clerk's fault, I suspect). There is nothing special in the pictures, really. But if you like you can list the mistakes, and translate the one notice that is in Chinese only.

But what is uroflowmetry for?

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That reminds me of when I was watching Ariel Lin's award winning In Time With You, when I had to look up this word.


I always thought a fire hydrant was found on curbs of big city streets. Where dogs would piss on them or kids would turn them on during hot sweltering summers and splash around. :)

Without English, how would people know to use it in case of fire? :)

When I saw the first character in the word, I thought it had to do with digestion. :)

Thought it was the gastroenterology department or something else to do with the tummy. :)

Oh well. At least now I know the Chinese characters for "silencers", "fire engine", "fire brigade" and a whole lot more. ;-0


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