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Political Sloganeering in the Mountains




I saw many slogans like this written on the side of the hills and mountains while cycling through the 甘孜 Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province last spring:




This one says "感党恩  爱祖国  奔小康". Roughly translated: "Be grateful to the party, love your country, strive to be middle-class". I noticed it when I went with a friend to look for a valuable type of caterpillar fungus, called 虫草. There were also a large group of locals there, all looking to 奔小康 by finding the fungus and then selling it in the market (apparently, a single large piece can fetch potentially fetch several hundred RMB). Unfortunately, despite the encouragement of the mountainside slogan, my friend and I both left empty handed.



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I remember reading about that fungus - used in Chinese medicine, I assume. 


That's pretty impressive work on the characters - must be hard to get them 工整 at that scale. 

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I believe so.


There were all kinds of old-school propaganda signs and posters in the countryside, I regret not taking more pictures. Too focused on the cycling, I guess.

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Well, painting pictures and slogans may seem old fashion or even a bit out dated for us city folks but believe me, it WORKS in the country side. I'm not excatly sure why but it does work.


I guess it is because people in contry side they don't take buses or drive to work that often since town are far smaller than citys they can tike bike or walk to work each and everyday, so painting slogans on the wall or hills can be seen by the locals. If one take bus or drive a car, him or she will easily ignore the slogans that pass you quickly.



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