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This Sofa Is Not For Sitting



I'm always amazed by the ability of Chinese people of a certain age to sleep in (often very noisy) public places. The newly opened Harbin Ikea in particular is heaven for those 大妈s looking for a quick power nap. However, even the most intrepid wouldn't dare sleep on this one. It's an upturned sofa/chair being used to cover up a collapsed manhole cover near my apartment:




 It says 井盖塌陷  注意安全. While it's an unconventional use of furniture, it does the trick.





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Sorry, the photo didn't upload as expected. I would upload the photo to Imgur first and then use the upload from URL option, but my VPN has been down for the past couple of days and there seems to be no way to do this. I have pushed back the published date to next week (hopefully the VPN issues will be sorted by then), but by anonymoose's comment the blog entry may already be visible.

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I think I may have chosen the Feature Photo option by mistake, which I guess is for the banner at the top. If I just try to attach, will it put the photo into the body of the post?

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I know how much everyone has been dying to know how the manhole reconstruction near my apartment has been progressing, so here's an update. They removed the old sofa once the cement had set, but it started cracking almost immediately. It has been re-done again, and now a another sofa has been put in place (as well as a couple of chairs for the manhole a bit further back). I really can't imagine where all this old furniture keeps coming from...


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