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The first rule of Fight Fuck Freak Club...



Anyone who has spent any time in China will have noticed the often nonsensical, and sometimes funny, things written in English on young peoples' clothes. To be fair, at least Chinese people have the sense to just have it printed on their clothes, rather than permanently tattooed on their bodies, as many westerners do with Chinese characters. After 2 years in China, I thought I could no longer be shocked by any crazy English T-shirts or jackets, but then I saw this:




There was just something about the choice of words and the big, red lettering that stunned me for a moment. I personally would be down with 1.5 of the 3 things the club stands for, and was tempted to ask for more info but, well, you know the rules...


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I wonder if she even knows what the words mean. Now, if she does know what they mean and still went ahead and wore it, then well, she would definitely be someone worth getting to know!

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English words still have cachet here, regardless of their meaning. They add something to a tee shirt or a dress. They say "Look, I'm an International Person, with above-average awareness of the larger outside world." 


It's the same exact fallacy, I think, as that which makes westerners want to get a Chinese-character tattoo. The quest of "cool," the quest of "hip."  



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