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Airport hot water dispenser



This machine at Shanghai Pudong was having a bad day. But at least management offered a clear explanation.


2114751469_IMAG0581(2)-850px.thumb.jpg.af77444c76012b1f9236e6e67e64a133.jpg               (Please click the photo to enlarge it.) 



设备故障 -- 暂停使用 




Recommended Comments

You have a keen eye! These airport machines now all have a safety feature like this one that has to be followed before one can dispense very hot (scalding) water. Must press an "unlock" button and quickly follow that by pressing and holding the hot water button. 


Lots of these machines not only dispense very hot water (for making instant cup noodles 泡面 or for brewing tea) but they also have a 温水 button for warm water. This is the one people use for refilling their personal 茶杯 (chabei.) Odd how people seldom leave home without it, especially here in Kunming. The one I clipped at random here is a popular model featuring 双层 or double walls -- it holds the heat longer. 




As you know, people here seldom drink cold water. Don't think I've ever seen a chilled water dispenser like the ones public places often have in the south of the US. 



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