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I would like some help with Mainland Chinese Mandarin slang-please help me out.


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Hello. I am interested in and am doing research on Mainland Mandarin Chinese slang-Mandarin Chinese youth, college and street slang.-Can someone please help me out?

I know "nan ren Puo" is a Mandarin slang term for "tomboy". What are Mandarin Chinese slang synonyms for "tomboy" besides "nan ren puo"?

What is Mandarin slangs for "delinquent girl"?

What are Mandarin slangs that mena "tough female"?

Please let me know, and please list as many translations as possible. Thank you. :D

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I went else to ask what is Mandarin slang for "delinquent girl", and these were the terms I was given:

Female hooligan泼妇 (po fu)

bad(immoral) girl 骚货(sao hou) 骚B (sao bi) 贱货(jian hou)贱B(jian bi)

sao1 B jian4

A female juvenile delinquent--女少年犯(i doubt its a slang) . i know they called 太妹 in HK movie.

A female punk -- 朋克妞

Does anyone here know any other terms? Please let me know. Thank you. :D

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Hello> i should have specifiied that would like help with some slang translations in Mandarin when I posted this topic. Can someone please tell me what are common Mandarin slang terms that mean "Delinquent girl", besides the ones I posted?

Are there any Mandatrin slangs for "nerd/geek"?

Please let me know. Thank you.:D

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龙王:the King of Dragon

龙母:the Queen of Dragon

龙子:Dragon Son

龙女:Dragon Daughter

But first, how can you tell the difference between a male dragon and a female dragon ?? :D

It is easy! You can always tell the difference between a male dragon and a female dragon by observing the Dragon’s Generations (i.e. Chinese and Vietnamese people), right? :mrgreen:


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