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i got nominated for the scholarship from the ministry of education of my country for the master in nursing in oncology in china..

but when i got the confirmation it was on master in nursing in healing medicine and physical therapy

i talk to these matter in my country they said it will be ok after you go to university..

but when i came to jiamusi university i found there is no master in nursing in oncology in this university....

but i wanna do master in oncology what should i do.....????

thank you

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The front page lists a number of application dates but no dates for when the scholarship would then begin. Do you apply 6 months ahead? 1 year? 1.5 years? Clearly listing this on the front page would be helpful.

If I apply in the U.S. before april/march 2010, does that mean I could start the scholarship in the spring of 2011?

Alternatively, could someone apply in 2010 to begin in 2012?

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Charles Barkley, application starts around January every year and lasts until April or May or sometimes as early as March. It depends on where are you applying from.

No. You cannot apply in 2010 and begin in 2012. CSC does not accept deferral of admission. When CSC offers you a scholarship for 2010, either you take it that year or leave it.

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So if I apply by the application deadline in say, April 2010, what are the possible times I could start? Between Fall 2010-Spring 2011? Spring 2011-Fall 2011?

What is normal and how much say does the application have in the process?

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ok. we're closing this up.

im going to organize this over the next few days.

congratulations to everyone who are now in china!

ill get to answering more questions once this is all cleaned up.

roddy, can i get some help? can we temporarily close this thread?

and will you help me figure out how to do this?

ps. ive changed my phone number - lost the last one.

those who would like it, send me a message!

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As above, this topic is now closed, and there is a new discussion for 2010 applicants.

New applicants, please go there to ask any questions (but do read the first post there, and as much as possible of everything else).

Former applicants, successful or otherwise - would be great if you can drop in to add your wisdom and experiences.

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