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The Grand First Episode Project. . .


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Might be possible to get them in the form of subtitles via shooter.cn. I don't know how comprehensive or accurate they are though. I did just manage to find, eg, subtitles for 士兵突击 with a quick search:


00:17:14,560 --> 00:17:16,920



00:17:18,000 --> 00:17:19,240



00:17:20,119 --> 00:17:21,160


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I would prefer watching an entire series again. If it's just one episode, I'm not sure what more there'd be to talk about besides whether it could make me watch the whole show. With our Chinese Style Divorce, I found the discussions interesting even though I was watching it years after everybody else.

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Exactly, get the subtitle file from gom player's website or else where (gom player has an integrated search for them).

Then open it as text/wordpad/notepad.

That's what we did for some students when we "transcribed" a movie for them.

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Sounds like a great idea. I think doing 3 episodes of a series might be a good number to start with... or do 3 episodes of two series in tandom, every week one episode from each. People could choose to do one or the other, or both if they have the time. Just some thoughts...

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I would be interested in doing something like this as well.

Some of the shows can touch on good issues even if there is over acting sometimes.

Can we try some modern TV shows to start, I find the romantic soaps of the Tang dynasty hard to relate to.

Recently I saw an either a Beijinger in New York, and a Shanghainese in Vancouver which were good and had drama in every episode.

have fun,


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OK, we're getting bits and pieces of enthusiasm here.

I can't see why we couldn't schedule a bunch of first episodes, and then those of us who are grabbed by any particular one can go on and continue watching that show.

Here, more or less of the top of my head, is a list of shows that I can think of that have been mentioned on here that we might consider looking at first.











Actually, just read this for ideas.

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In the absence of any other votes, you get your way :mrgreen:

Actually one issue with this approach is that first episodes aren't always representative of the entire thing. With 士兵突击 (mental slap to the head: 士, not 土) he's still a village kid and not in the army yet, and the first episode of 奋斗 is . . .well, better than most of the others (sh)

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first episodes aren't always representative of the entire thing.
I wouldn't be worried about that. What I'd be most interested in finding out would be whether the show is made in an intriguing way. If they put some thought into it, I think I'd be happy to watch a show about a soldier just as much as about a village kid (even though I would prefer a show about a village kid... any good village soaps, anyone?). One episode should be enough to tell an interesting show from yet another costume drama.
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Ok, I know there is a lack of votes about what to watch but I'm still going to throw in my opinion against 士兵突击. From the about 5 episodes I've watched of it (which were in no order and very random) I found the series to be extremely boring and didn't capture my attention at all. I am very game for watching 奋斗 (again) and found it to be a likable series.

BTW: I will be taking part in this project as I enjoy watching TV...

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