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Chinese Business license - is it real, how to verify and avoid scams


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Read This First!

This topic is now closed - we were bored of dealing with people who didn't read the instructions below. Do not start new topics about your dodgy Chinese business partner, we just delete them.

Admin note: Did you end up here because a Chinese company you are thinking of dealing with has sent you a business license and you want to confirm it's real?

If you are being offered branded electronics at a significant discount, from a company you've never heard of, which takes payment by Western Union or by transfer to a Chinese bank account - it's a scam. Yes, it's that simple. Sorry.

Please have a read of this article, which provides an excellent overview of this type of scam, and the things you should look out for.

Read it all.

IF after reading that you still have questions, you're welcome to post. However you MUST

1) State that you have read this first post and the linked article, and explain why you do not believe your case is an obvious scam

2) Give full details of the deal - where did you find the company, what are you buying, what are the costs, how will you make payment, etc.

If you don't do that we'll probably just delete your post.

If you think you can buy name-brand electronics from China at excellent prices, please go back to the top and start again.

Hello, I am planning on buying some products from a Chinese company but am slightly apprehensions. The contact I have in China is a tenuous one and I am slightly put off by the fact that the companies bank account is in an individual persons name, is this customary in China? I haven't asked too many questions yet as I don’t want to seem offensive or ignorant about the workings of Chinese business (despite the fact I clearly don’t have a clue ! :P)

The website is 7-elec-11.com - if someone could cast their eyes over it and see if it fit with what one would expect from a Chinese based company I would be grateful.

They also sent me their business license, is this an official document in China?

The url is...


any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance :)

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Their business license is fake.


- It says it's a Beijing company but the address is that of a district (Xiacheng) in Hangzhou.

- The government seal is that of the business bureau in Beijing but the words underneath says Hangzhou.

- The business scope listed is "anything that is legal." The Chinese government only gives businesses limited business scope. Never will you see a real business license with a business scope of "anything that is legal."

Can't click on "About Us" on their website for some reason. I remembering reading another post on this forum about a fraudulent website taking orders from abroad. I can't find it through search. Maybe someone else can find it.

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I love this line on their package tracking

To speed delivery, shippers may not location-scan all of their shipments. When shipping volume is high, packages are processed in bulk, and the first time a package is scanned may be upon arrival at a regional hub near the destination, or even when the package is delivered. If you don't see any tracking data for your shipment, and the estimated delivery date has not yet passed, please do not be concerned.

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In general, even though I'm located in China, I buy my goods through established western e-business companies. You pay the price, but not only do you have a better guarantee of receiving what you ordered, you are also covered by US laws or EU regulations.

Being a EU citizen, I'm well protected if I buy through an established EU company with a payment method issued in the EU ... even when I order from within China.

The only problem I have, is that each time I order, some people tend to reject my order or request proof of ID ... as they automatically assume that if I want to pay from within China (ip address) with a credit card issued in the EU, I MUST HAVE stolen or counterfeited the credit card.

A simple phone call in native English or a digitally signed email generally solves the problem, and the order is processed very swiftly ... and quality goods received with no problems. Only well-known photo-editing software brand refused to help me, offering no alternative solution ... even after offering to wait for payment to be processed (incl. the 5 days payment rejection period). And then complaining that there's a lof of illegal software in China ... when it becomes impossible to buy the real thing! :roll:

Ordering through the web from non-reputed Chinese companies is always a risk, and should be avoided at all times. Remember: the biggest organised internet crime in the world comes from China and Russia. An there's simply nothing you can do about it!

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Hi, my name is Dyana and i'm trying to deal with a chinese man who says that he have a company. i order some products but first because i'm not sure, He show me his license business. i still wasnt sure of anything. I want to know if his business license is real or not. Could SOMEONE HELP ME.

i will attach the picture of the license.

and here is his website: http://amazon999.com/info.asp?id=37

Thank you


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It's fake. This page lets you check the 进出口企业代码 (import and export enterprise code) of a Chinese company, and no company exists with the number: 0012811999018. In addition, the import and export enterprise code for any Beijing company will begin with 1100, which is not true for this company. Finally, business names need to begin with the location where they are registered. This so if this was a legitimate company it would need to be called something like 北京华海科技国际贸易有限公司 (Beijing Huahai Keji.....), and not just 华海科技国际贸易有限公司 (Huahai Keji ....)

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Interesting that they've stopped taking Paypal.


Dear friend:

Because using the payment of PAYPAL lasts for a long time, the products on on our webs were cheated to take is excessive.A time just in the adjustment, during the period of adjustment temporary not accept the payment of PAYPAL.

Remember this thread?


Does this mean PayPal discriminates against Chinese people?

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HI, everyone i got to other people who wants to make deal but one give me the licence business with the website, the other just give the website but i forgot to ask the license busines, what i'm going to do next after this.

Please help me, someone give the page to check if the business license is fake or not

but i dont know how it works!!!!!!!!!!!


here is the website with the license business, tell what you think about it i really want to start the compane next week if possible : http://www.electronsupplier.com/nsort.asp?bookid=4

Here is the website of the other company: http://huyi.ecvv.com/

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I'm in the middle of a business transaction with a Chinese business man but I first want to make sure it's legitimate. Can anyone tell me if this is a real business license. To me it seems legitimate but I just want to make sure. Thank you for all of your help!


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