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Some Scottish phraseology in Trainspotting - help appreciated!


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Well, here are some more:

(1) Rab, the Second Prize, as we caw the cunt, he's goat a fuckin stoatir ay an eye. Some fuckin liberty–taker's been oan the cunt's case.

(2) Ah racks up n slaughters the cunt, leavin the fucker two baws oaf bein grannied. – Ye might be able tae fuckin handle the likes ay Matty n Secks, bit whin Hurricane Franco gits oan the fuckin table, ye kin firget it, ya rid–heided cunt, ah tells um.

– Pool's fir arseholes man, he sais. Humpty cunt. Everything that rid–heided cunt's shite at's fir arseholes, accordin tae that cunt.

(3) So ah gits the draftpaks, one fill ay spesh fir me, n one fill ay lager fir that rid–heided cunt. (In this sentence, draftpaks seems to have another meaning, a kind of vessel?)

(4) Aw they booked seats. Fuckin liberty, soit is. It should be first fuckin come, first fuckin served. Aw this bookin seats shite.

(5) Rents is tannin the voddy, n wir jist near Portybelly whin the cunt's awready made a big fuckin dent in it.

(6) – Where are you from? the other burd sais. Pair ay rides n aw. That rid–heided cunt made a good fuckin move sittin here, ah kin tell ye.

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If I hear of any drunk Chinese folk rolling around Xi'an headbutting folk, Chenpv, I'm going to send the police your way . . .

1) stoater, beautiful, excellent. Could probably think of it as 'impressive' here. Liberty-taker - to take liberties is to take advantage, to go too far.

2) to rack up is to set up the balls for a game of snooker or pool. to slaughter someone in the context of a game is just to beat very easily. To granny someone is to win a game without them even getting a shot - ie he potted all but two balls.

Humpty I'm not sure about, so I'll give up now.

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1a) stoater - excellent example

1b) liberty taker - a chancer. someone taking advantage or someone not showing respect.

2a) a pool (the ball game - played to different rules from the American 9 ball) expression. It means "I set up the balls and decisively beat my opponent, leaving him only two balls away from a total whitewash.

2b) humpty - bad tempered

3a) draftpacks - I explained this before - lowlifes

3b)spesh - special (an allegedly superior beer)

4) soit - a misprint for 'so it'

5a) tannin -drinking the vodka (voddy) quickly and emptying the bottle.

5b) made a big fuckin dent in it - emptying the bottle ( a convoluted metaphor which basically means doing it serious damage)

6) Pair ay rides n aw - Also two females of loose morals

And you thought Chinese was difficult!

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Thanks Liuzhou and of course Roddy. I am now halfway into the book, and seeing the possibility to finish it in a few more days. Yay!:)

(1) The ticket boy jist gits intae an argument Wi they cunts, eftir tellin thum thit thirs nowt he kin fuckin dae. Ah jist leave thum tae it. Thir threatenin tae complain aboot the guy, n he's gitting stroppy back.

(2) Ah can tell that those cats (refer to Franco and Lexo) have, likesay, binliners tae slash open, n rubbish tae rummage through. So ah sortay sais, like: – Eh . . . goat tae nash like, catch yis later.

(3) ah could handle some hot sex Wi a Jewish princess or a Catholic girl, complete wi white soacks, goatay be complete Wi the white soacks.

(4) Dode's been chibbed. Ah gits um ower the road. Ah kin hear people shoutin behind us. Ah jist focus oan Na Na's door, no darin tae look back.

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Chenpv, there are various layers of Scottish English, ie different people speak it differently. 1% of Scots speak Gaelic, of the rest the government estimates 70% speak standard English with a Scottish accent and the balance "Lowland Scots", a broader type. In reality it's not so clearcut, there is an infinite gradation between Nedspeak at one end of the spectrum and posh-sounding Scottish English at the other.

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Here is joke illustrating both Scottish English and Scottish/English rivalry at the same time:

A man is cupping his hand to scoop water from a Highland burn.

The Gamekeeper shouts,

'Dinnae drink thon waater! It's foo ae coo's keech an' pish!'

The man replies,

'My Good fellow, I'm English. Could you repeat that in English for me.'

The game keeper replies,

'I said, use two hands - you get more that way!!!'

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Back again, well, from the games and other stuff.

(1) Ken Billy, ma brar, likes? He's jist signed up tae go back intae the fuckin army. He's gaun tae fuckin Belfast, the stupid cunt. Ah always knew that the fucker wis tapped. Fuckin imperialist lackey. Ken whit the daft cunt turned roond n sais tae us? He goes: Ah cannae fuckin stick civvy street. Bein in the army, it's like bein a junky.

(2) Spud: deek the fat radge. Gluttonous bastard. Ah dinnae go fir aw that shite aboot it bein a glandular or metabolic thing. Ye dinnae see any fat bastards on tv footage fi Ethiopia.

(3) Dinnae be sae fuckin silly, Mark, she told him, nippy with the hormonal imbalance caused by the change in life. (she refers to Mark's mom.)

(4) Renton went cold as he felt Dianne's leg rubbing against his under the table. He swallowed hard on his tea.

– Well, ah must be making a move. Thanks again.

– Hold on, ah'll just get ready and chum you intae town. Dianne was up and out of the room before he could protest.

(5) (...Renton suggested going to a rave club...)

– Ah'm no gaun tae any fuckin rave clubs. You sais yirsel thit thir fir fuckin bairns.

– Aye, but that wis before ah went tae yin.

– Well ah'm no fuckin gaun tae yin. So let's fuckin pub crawl well, n git some cunt in the fuckin bogs.

–Nah. Ah cannae he ersed.

– Fuckin shitein cunt! Yir still fuckin shitein yir keks aboot the other weekend in the Bull and Bush.

– Naw ah'm no. It wis jist unnecessary, that's aw. The whole fuckin thing.

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deek = look at

civvy street = being a civilian..."Ah cannae fuckin stick civvy street" = I find it hard to deal with not being in the army anymore

nippy is like when someone keeps nagging, going on and on, perhaps a bit "brusque", in 青岛话 the reply might be 别叨叨, 呵呵

chum = friend, I'll chum you means I'll go with you as a friend

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Ah cannae be ersed

I can't be bothered. = It is too much trouble (so I'm not going to do it).

OOPs! Just noticed Shadowdh already answered this one.

Edited by liuzhou
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Thank you all for your responses. Please bear with some more questions.

(1) – C'moan Franco. Take it easy man, Sick Boy says. Begbie seems tae realise that he's ower the top, likesay, even fir him. Keep these claws in catboy. Show the world some soft pads. This is a bad cat, a big, bad panther.

– We fill in some fuckin Sherman Tank. Whaes he tae you? The smart cunt deserved ivraything he goat! Besides, ah didnae see you fucking lookin the other wey whin we wir in the fuckin snug at the Barley divvyin up the fuckin loot.

(They were arguing over beating up a Yankee tourist in a toilet.)

(2) Rents is still laughin as ah (Spud) haud oantay um. Two posh lookin wifies, gie us the eye as they pass us. They look likesay, disgusted.

(3) – Aye. Nae kinky stuff, jist a straight hump. Cost ye fifty bar.

Ah couldnae believe ma ears. Sick Boy wisnae jokin. (They were talking about some girl.)

(4) It's a great feeling, knowing that you have the power to inflict such pain, fae yir am front room. Call me the unsheen ashashin Mish Moneypenny.

(the self murmur before shooting a terrier with an air rifle)

(5) They call me the Sick Boy, the scourge of the schemie, the blooterer of the brain–dead.

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Sherman Tank - Rhyming slang -wank - a person with no redeeming features - a fool.

posh lookin wifies - (married) women of a higher social status.

unsheen ashashin Mish Moneypenny. - a parody of 007 actor, Sean Connery's pronunciation - call me the unseen assassin, Ms Moneypenny


blooterer - destroyer

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