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Studying Chinese in Texas


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Oooo, working in Japan and dealing with China -- sounds awesome! Congratulations!

my Japanese skills seemed to have reverted to their previous level since...pressure makes you perform I suppose

Heh, I feel the opposite: when I get stressed I sound like an idiot.

"正社員" (salaryman?)

I'd say "full time (worker)". "Salaryman" is サラリーマン.

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I'd say "full time (worker)". "Salaryman" is サラリーマン.

Yeah I know, but when I tell my friends what type of job I got in Japan I tell them I have become a "salaryman" implying that I am a "real" employee. Salaryman holds extra meaning over "full time worker" even if you don't know what that extra meaning would be.

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Chinese Newspaper in Texas

Today I ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant and noticed the 老板娘 was reading a Chinese newspaper. I asked where it was from and she showed it to me. Turns out it's published in Houston and has local news from there as well as a southern US focus; plus of course national and international items of interest. It shouldn't have surprised me, but I was unaware of it. Turns out they have an on-line edition as well. Here's the link: http://www.scdaily.com/

Dallas has a less ambitious one that's available in a print edition, but has no on-line presence.

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Just tell us what Texan city you are in and we can start from there. I am in San Antonio where we have two Chinese Schools, for example.

Really? This is news to me. I'm only aware of the CSSA and SACA, but as far as I know they only offer classes on Sundays (mostly for youths). I'm thinking about enrolling in Northwest Vista's Chinese classes, even though they're a little basic for me. But any practice is good practice. Can you provide the names of the Chinese schools?

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A shout out to all Texans in the Chinese Forums. Texas is being besieged by numerous wildfires right now. There was one yesterday ten miles north of where I am sitting which burned up over 200 acres and now there's another one nine miles west of me. Bastrop near Austin is burning down. Keep safe, don't forget to pack up your important documents, favorite Chinese textbooks and the laptop if heaven forbid you have to evacuate like some of my students had to yesterday.

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