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Beijing Language and Culture University, or BLCU, known in Chinese as 北语.

As BLCU is one of the most popular universities for foreigners in China, we have split discussion into three topics, linked below. Please stick to the topic of each one - questions about the application process in the accommodation topic, etc, will be deleted or moved.

BLCU Application Process

Please remember to ask questions that aren't specific to BLCU elsewhere. For example, once you've got your paperwork from BLCU, the application for the student visa at your embassy or consulate is the same for students from other universities. It would be better to start a topic such as 'Applying for a Student Visa in Bratislava' than ask here and hope someone from Bratislava sees it.

BLCU Accommodation

On-campus accommodation only. BLCU is located near other universities, and off-campus options are pretty much the same for all of them. BLCU is in the Wudaokou area of Haidian district, so searching for 'Wudaokou apartments' or 'Haidian housing' may be useful.

BLCU General Discussion

More general discussion of study and living at BLCU - classroom reports, on-campus activities, canteens, administration, etc. If you're not sure whether you should study at BLCU or not, and want to ask some questions, post here with specific queries. 'What is BLCU like?', or 'Should I go to BLCU, I'm not sure' are not specific.

You may also want to post in the Beijing Introductions topic, for those who are coming to the city, or have just arrived.

Over the years we've had numerous discussions on BLCU already. A few of the more relevant ones are . . .

BLCU Housing info and more. Spanning six years at the time of writing, the earlier stuff may be out of date.

BLCU 2011 cohort.

BLCU Levels and Textbooks

But there are hundreds more - please do search if you have any specific questions, and if you don't find an answer, ask. We're friendly really, we just don't like answering the same questions over and over again.

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"Im going to BLCU in December(only for 1 month) and in wondering what bank account i should use. I noticed that Citi Bank has a branch near uni, do you know if it has ATM? Did anyone use Citi Bank in China ? "


For what do you need a bank office? Just withdraw from the ATM. At least BoC and ICBC accept foreign cards. There are more, but these are common and in my experience (last 7 weeks and a few years back) reliable.

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As it happens, I'm also with Citibank, but Citibank Australia. Since I don't get charged fees for making ATM withdrawals with this account (Citibank Plus Everyday Transaction Account), I've been drawing the money out of my Citi Bank account at the CRS Cash Recycling System machine (like an ATM but also accepts cash deposits) and putting it into my China Merchant's Bank account. As it only takes a maximum of 2 business days to transfer from my main savings account to my Citi Bank account (both in Australia), and the China Merchant's Bank CRS machines are available 24/7, it's very easy and convenient. The only bug bear is that the CMB ATMs have a max 6000 daily withdrawal limit for my card. I can get around this by going to other banks' ATMs, but my account did get frozen when I did this. A 15min quick call to Citibank got it unfrozen without too much hassle but did require some extra verification. It's good to see they have proper security policies in place.

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Hi everyone who got the CI scholarship to BLCU from September 2017!

I've just got a message from BLCU. 

The semester starts from 11th September, and the registration days are 6-7-8th September. 


If there is anyone who will go to BLCU this year, just send me a message. I'm also going there this year. :)


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