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This topic is for discussion and reviews of Harbin Institute of Technology. Accommodation, courses, on-campus facilities and activities - anything to do with Harbin Institute of Technology goes in here. If there's a lot of discussion about any one particular topic we might split it into a new thread and leave a link here.

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Hey mate, I went to HIT a couple of years ago for one and a half semesters before being expelled for getting Strep Throat over the mid-semester exam period.... long story.... But anyway, I personally feel like my chinese improved very quickly during the first semester (from zero chinese to some) but once I'd learnt the basics, the majority of my chinese improvement was from working in a bar (Dox, 4th floor of hātè on 西大直街 ) I was in C班 and sometimes had trouble conversing in Chinese with some friends who were in E班 because they didn't understand me.

I got the government scholarship and left last July. Im now in Wuhan attending the same style classes as at HIT (20 hours a week) and to be honest, there isn't a second that passes by where I don't think to myself, "man I could be spending my time better."

In my opinion, the class curriculum in the Chinese universities is not suitable for what most Western Foreigners are looking for. It's too much focussed on passing the HSK (which I actually just sat this morning for my first time) and not at all focussed on the useful things like reading comprehension gained through thorough knowledge of each individual character, or, most important of all, speaking.

Yes, having class everyday at 8am motivates you to have early nights and get up in the morning for a productive day, but these kind of classes will produce only one kind of student: one that can read and right but not be able to have a conversation. e.g. many of the Korean students there are exactly like this. They live in the only city in the country that actually speaks 标准普通话, yet listen to their accent. Listen to their tones. But it doesn't matter to them because the majority of them (at least for my Korean mates when I was there) is to get HSK 6 and go home.

My advice, use your own time to study more 汉字. Only when you know the 字 can you read more. Reading more will improve your vocabulary base and make understanding people or; whatever it is you like to read, easier. Get an F visa and work. Through work you have the opportunity to speak.

Being a scholarship student robs you of your freedom to learn what YOU want and HOW you want to, which, when things get difficult, makes it harder to find the motivation to study at all.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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Thank you 方便面 for sharing that.

Well I've only done about 6 weeks of C+班 and I've yet to evaluate my progress, perhaps I will do so at the end of the semester. I have noticed that my listening and speaking skills are lagging behind. While I can understand the teachers perfectly well and make the locals understand me but I usually don't understand their replies, so sometimes I don't feel like talking at all.

One of my Russian classmates have just moved to 12公寓, to live with Chinese students. In fact I will go to Korea and live with a Korean family for about 6 weeks, I'll see if this immersion can help me drastically improve my listening and speaking skills. If it turns out well then I might just move to 12公寓 as well in the second semester.

I go to the gym on the 5th floor, is it the same building? I've heard Dox and Box.

Also I attended to 武汉大学 International Summer Program in July 2010.

Is it advisable to find cash in hand work so I would be able to work as a student?

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I also had some mates move over to 12公寓 for a semester or too as well. Their Chinese definitely picked up quickly by doing that... but living with 3-7 Chinese 18/19 year-olds like he did is something I'm not personally capable of doing. (because I would go insane)

Yeah Box Town is on the 4th floor of the same building as the gym. Do the Chinese still take their shirts of to look at themselves in the mirrors after one set of bench, using a weight that a small child could lift? :wall

You can get cash in hand teaching/tutoring jobs really easily if you're looking for some money. I had a private student for 6 months up there. 200 an hour, 6 hours a week, to sit, talk, and go over some TOFEL tests.... she even came to my apartment for each lesson!

But if you want to work seriously (like I recommend) then you'll need to get an F-Business Visa from Hongkas or a Z-Work Visa through an employer.

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Hi guys,


Possible to get any recent feedback on the HIT (non-CET) program? If there's anyone out there, would appreciate your feedback on following questions:


--How big are the class sizes?

--Are the students motivated?

--How are the teachers? Are the classes organised?

--If you took the year course (and provided you worked hard), how did your mandarin develop?


Out of interest, would also like to hear feedback re. studying in Harbin vs. Beijing? Provided that primary aim is to learn as much mandarin as possible, is being in Harbin (and at this program in particular) a wiser option?


Thanks for your time!

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to bobbadeer

So, let's begin.

1. size of class is 14-16 depends on level. (A, B, C, D, ...). From elementary to advanced and more.

2. strange question. What do u think? Students spend own money, I think they are motivated. But it only depends on you.

3. Perfect. They are very good.

4. one year is not enough. So sad. My friend took one year and moved at Chinese dormitory, lived with Chinese guy. So, he said it is the best way to learn Chinese. He spent  two year to decrease accent.  Now his speech is very good.

Okay, main question is place of studying? I think after you read my answers you understood that place, teacher and other stuff don't matter. Your motivation, desire are main part of studying.

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I thinks it is simple. I heard about a lot of people who lived with Chinese. Anyway you can try ;)  I am still studying here.

I am CSC student. So, I am studying at CSC group (this is for beginner), 6 hours of Chinese language per day. Hard, but possible. If you are no CSC student, you will go to A group (also for beginners, 4 hours per day). After half of year of my studying I have to pass HSK 3, after one year I have pass HSK 4. But, you can go to CSC group to 'intensive' learning, but it twice expensive. And this is way to people who really want to study because not enough time to other stuff. Of course you can find time, but your learning will not be too effective.

Anyway I can not tell 'I am the best student', nope )) But two people from my group are good as hell. They're getting a max from this learning, and their Chinese after 4 month good enough for beginners.

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Sorry emmanuel, don't really understand that. So for the language program, CSC students are placed into a different class than non-CSC students? Seems a little odd... My understanding is that there is the regular HIT language program and then the CET HIT program

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There is special group for CSC student who has never studied Chinese language. It is 'CSC' group. But, CSC students who studied Chinese language can pass exam and go to B, C, D and other group. It is simple.

CSC student can go to: CSC, B, C, D, E....
non-CSC student can go to: CSC, A, B, C , D, E...

CSC group - is 'intensive'.

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Program administered by the american group based in HIT. Is there an option to take morning / afternoon classes? At the moment do you think it would be possible to get one of the teachers to do private tutoring outside of class say 1-2hrs a day (for a fee of course)? Sorry for all the questions!

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